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Buds Favorite Method to Light Up Your 420

The greatest day of the year is here! And no better way to start your day than shopping our annual 420 sales! Buds Garage is revving up to spread 420 cheer with dope sales! Stock up on the best cannabis products and 420 essentials to enjoy during the holiday — or for weeks to come. The sales are so good, why not get enough to save you a few trips?! Explore our menu for new products to try, and we’ll see you on April 20 to shop the top 420 deals in Everett — including 50% off all Method Grow strains and products!

Method Grow Strains: Top 420 Deals

Our favorite holiday is almost here, and we’re proud to offer 50% off all Method brand products to celebrate. Method cannabis company is a top-tier grow operation. Offering expertly crafted flower grown by experts specializing in genetics and a consistent process, Method delivers top-notch strain collections time and time again.

Method’s mission is to combine the art and science of fine cannabis with an esteemed approach and experienced technique in the name of one end goal: to give you the best smoke you’ve ever had. Method understands the science behind cultivating an exemplary cannabis product through high-end growing strategies and state-of-the-art technology. That’s only half of the equation, as there’s a huge component of creativity, curiosity, and artistry that brings the level of Method grow strains and cannabis products above and beyond the competition. Maintaining a thirst for knowledge, motivation to discover what’s on the horizon and a commitment to keeping the culture thriving are at the core of Method’s mission. They say it best, “Uniquely exceptional flower requires a uniquely exceptional method. So, what’s your Method?”.

420 Sales in Everett

Buds Garage is proud to offer our annual 420 sale, this year featuring 50% off everything from Method, at both of our northwest Washington state locations on April 20. Come on in to pick up high-end flower or joints and take full advantage of these incredible 420 sales!

Everett’s Method flower menu has a range of flower products consisting of the sativa Jealousy BX1 and the following hybrids:

  • Bubble Bath
  • Pink Certz
  • Red Bullz
  • Roll Ups
  • White Gummy

Method pre-rolls on deck are Bubble Bath, Jealousy BX1, Red Bullz, Ditzy Sprite and Emergency-C.

At our Birch Bay storefront, all Method flower products come in eighths. Right now, we have two hybrids, Gummo and Red Pop, as well as the delicious indica-dominant hybrid KY Jealous. Likewise, Birch Bay is currently offering two luscious Method grow strains in half-gram joints, the indica-dominant hybrid KY Jealous and the hybrid Pink Certz.

420 Vape Specials

Come into Buds Garage for some top 420 vape deals. We’re offering 20 to 30 percent off select products! You read that right, we’ve got dozens of brands from excellent growers who are producing some of the most advanced, cleanest cannabis concentrates on the West Coast. Here are some of the most popular cannabis vape options at each of our locations:

Cannabis Cartridges in Everett

Our Everett brick and mortar location is jam-packed with 21 cartridge brands, the highest-rated among our customers this season being MFUSED. Specifically, MFUSED’s Mango Dream, Sour Blues, Blueberry Space Cake, 1:1 Stephen Hawking Kush and Pink Lemon Haze strains are all highly potent distillates that are as sleek, powerful and dank as ever. A few more favorites for our 420 vape specials are the single-origin Avitas brand carts in Clementine, Obama Kush, Strawberry Cough and Limonada, as well as the liquid live resin brand Full Spec’s Nine Pound Hammer #6, Purple Punch, Unicorn and Cherry Trainwreck cartridges.

Cannabis Cartridges in Birch Bay

With 10 incredible cannabis brands on hand for our 420 vape deals, our customers are loving the whole Buddies Brand line, an award-winning 100 percent cannabis oil extract folded into highly potent full-spectrum live resin. Coming in mouth-watering strain-specific flavors like Grape, Apple Jack, Raspberry, Vanilla Cake and Melon Gum, these distillate carts are sure to pack a terpene-rich punch.

Other well-adored vapes are Tropicana Cookies, OG Cookies, Tree Spirit and Durban Dream by Regulator, as well as Washington Apple Pie, Raspberry Cough, Blackberry Gelato, Pineapple Express, Georgia Peach MAC and Blueberry Muffin by Farmer’s Market.

Get Your 420 Essentials!

Make sure you stop by at either of our Everett or Birch Bay shop for 20-30% off select products this 420 and 50% off all Method Grow strains and products. We’ve got flower, edibles, extract, vapes, pre-rolls, topicals and tinctures galore — all the 420 essentials! Explore our Everett cannabis menu and stop by the shop for the best 420 sales! If you’re up north, make a pitstop at our Birch Bay recreational cannabis dispensary. Ask about 420 vape deals, flower sales, edibles specials and much more!