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Top 5 Reasons to Buy Cannabis at Buds Garage

Before you start typing ‘dispensary near me’ in your browser, let us help to simplify your search. What Google won’t tell you in the search results is the quality of the people behind the counter, the time spent sourcing products from sustainable local farms, or the social impact your local dispensary has on the community you live in. We can help you buy local cannabis from our quality dispensary. Buckle up for the top 5 reasons to buy cannabis at Buds Garage. 

1. Our local dispensary sources cannabis from local farms

We believe supporting local businesses and farms is essential to a better local economy. It’s one of the many reasons we work directly with Washington’s best farmers in our region to stock strains and brands you won’t find in other local dispensaries. Some of the farms we work with in Whatcom and Snohomish counties (where Buds Garage Birch Bay and Everett locations reside) are Smokey Point Productions, Avitas, Buddies Brand, Seattle’s Private Reserve, Svin Gardens, DNA Gardens, It’s a Plants Life, and High End Farms. When you shop at Buds Garage, you support our business, local farms, their employees, and their families.

2. We buy local cannabis from brands that utilize sustainable and eco-friendly practices

It’s important to all of us at Buds Garage that the flower we carry is clean, pure, and free of toxic chemicals or contaminants. Of course, all of our products have to pass rigorous testing standards to make it onto our shelves, but we take an extra step to partner with local farms that utilize natural growing tactics or that take their impact on the environment seriously. 

Brands like Smokey Point Productions source purified water from the Cascade Mountains, and utilize ladybugs (and other beneficial predatory organisms) to keep plants clear of aphids and other detrimental insects instead of using toxic pesticides that may negatively impact your health. Soulshine Cannabis takes its impact on the environment seriously by making its packaging compostable, recyclable, and sourced from sustainable local forests. These are just a few examples of the steps being taken by our favorite stocked brands. We know small steps like these make for a better plant, a better experience, a better industry, and a better planet.

3. We show we care about our community by giving back

We believe in being good stewards of the community. We take part in several initiatives that support our community members, local schools, and the environment.

We are a proud sponsor of Everett’s Wheels on the Waterfront Car Show with a Cause. All money raised goes towards the Providence Regional Cancer Partnership which supports cancer patients, their families, and cancer research. Since 2012, this event has raised over $60,000 for the Cancer Patient Assistance Fund.

Since 2020, we have contributed to the Everett Public Schools Foundation, which funds four different programs in Early Learning, Innovation and Excellence, High school & Beyond, and Basic Needs. It’s one way we support the next generations of community members to reach their full potential. 

Keeping our streets and highways clean is important to everyone who lives in and visits our communities. That’s why we sponsor and clean 3 locations of adopt-a-highway roads. Participating in the adopt-a-highway program generates income for local projects, allows community members to give back, protects wild animals, keeps our streams and rivers clean, and makes our community a more beautiful place to live.

4. We care about your health and wellness and won’t rush you

Unlike many other dispensaries, we aren’t built on the “turn and burn” model. It’s not our goal to simply make a sale and get to the next customer. We won’t race you through your purchase, upsell you on things you don’t need, or bulldoze over your preferences. Our top priority is to ensure you find what you’re looking for and leave with the answers and products that meet your needs. Our budtenders take the time to listen to you to understand your needs and personal choices and help you to discover new quality products. Learn more firsthand from our happy customers

5. Shopping at Buds Garage quality dispensary supports our community

When it’s time to buy local cannabis, supporting a quality dispensary like Buds Garage directly benefits the community it resides within. The money you spend goes to support budtenders and employees, farmers, and organizations within Whatcom and Snohomish counties. When people within our community are supported and spend their hard-earned money within our community, they boost the local economy and continue the cycle of benefiting small businesses and each other. It’s a win-win-win for everyone. 

We hope you have the chance to visit Buds Garage at one of our locations in Everett or Birch Bay to see the difference yourself. Are you in a rush trying to find a dispensary near you? Know what you want? Prefer shopping online? Shop our cannabis products, devices and merchandise online from our Everett or Birch Bay locations for fast turnaround and pick-up options.