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Buds Best: 5th House Farms

You know that when you come to Buds, you’re about to get some of Washington’s best cannabis. We pride ourselves on having the top-of-the-line products and supporting those top-of-the-line producers. 

This week’s Buds Brands feature is 5th House Farms, a company whose integrity shines as strongly as their cannabis is dank. Specializing in small-batch harvests here in Washington state, 5th House Farms creates some of the finest cartridges on this side of the PNW. Let’s take a deep dive into what makes them one of the best of the best! 

5th House Farms Washington 

Established in 2016, 5th House Farms is a Black-owned Tier III cannabis farm and processing facility in central western Washington. Tier III cannabis farms have the clearance to grow plants on 10,000–30,000 square feet of land, which is the largest feasible option for cultivation sites in the state. 5th House Farms, WA currently grows more than 30 artisanal strains on their 12-acre farm, allowing full developing freedom with plenty of space to produce your favorite top-quality strains.

At 5th House Farms, prioritizing family and intention is what makes them unique. Owned by Carlondo Mitchell, 5th House Farms is operated by a four-member leadership team that includes his two sisters and two longtime friends. This closeness extends to their employees, who are all community members and cannabis professionals that have working relationships. Nobody is a stranger and everyone is family. 

This business setup upholds 5th House Farms values: passion, quality, community and humility. Everyone involved is committed to ensuring that diversity, inclusivity and accessibility are behind everything they do, as well as staying present and understanding that ultimately, mindfulness matters. Defining their greatness and standing out by creating high-quality products that make a difference in the community is how 5th House Farms stands out in all they do. 

5th House Farms Cartridges 

Dedicated to offering specialized small-batch cannabis and curated craft concentrates, the high-end 5th House Farms cartridges provide a vaping experience that leaves you starstruck. 

Made from artisanal flower grown at top-of-the-line standards in Washington state, crafted through high-end technology that ensures an awe-inspiring hit every time. Each cartridge is masterfully packaged and processed in-house by their team of skilled cannabis professionals. 

Each vape contains triple-pass distilled full-spectrum cannabis oil. Distillates are a highly concentrated form of cannabis that yield high amounts of THC and elevated terpenes, delivering incredible flavors and an overall fantastic vaping experience. The distillation process places the active cannabis plant components such as cannabinoids and flavonoids back into the oil for a more refined end product, making it an excellent choice for medical patients. Each batch grown receives a published COA (Certificate of Analysis) outlining the different cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoid profiles that make our cannabis truly the best in Washington.

Find 5th House Farms cartridges at Buds Garage Everett location, specifically their 5th House Live collection with 11 delicious flavors to choose from. All 5th House Farms cartridges contain one gram of premium distillate live resin, between 91% and 93% THC content, standard 510-thread and list the top terpenes in each strain on the back of every cart package. 

The current Sativa cartridges on deck are: 

  • Orange Soda
  • Strawberry Cough
  • Sunset Sherbert 

All of these described their effects as uplifting, happy, relaxed,“creative, energetic and talkative. We have Pineapple Express as our resident hybrid, and our indicas are: 

  • Blue Dream
  • Northern Lights 
  • Skywalker OG

Other 5th House Farm cartridge collections are TKO Extract, made from ultra-refined concentrates, and the elegant Jacques Collection with four delicious flavors: 

  • Wedding Cake (Sativa-dominant Hybrid) 
  • Peaches & Cream (Hybrid)
  • Say Yes (Indica)
  • Wet Dream (Sativa) 

The Best of 5th House Farms

5th House Farms, WA produces premium distillate vape cartridges and provides premium cannabis flower in small batches that have undergone a lengthy curing process to improve their overall strength, flavor, quality and look. Because their farm is where all of their cannabis is grown, there is zero outsourcing of production, making them solely responsible for the quality of their carts. This includes indoor, outdoor and light-deprivation flower. 

At Buds Garage, we are proud to be a retailer for 5th House Farms Washington, maintaining the elite quality of cannabis products for consumers across the state. Having a hard time deciding which 5th House Farm cartridge to try out? Come on into one of our brick-and-mortar locations and consult a budtender for their professional strain recommendations. Likewise, check out our friends on their Instagram @5thHouseFarms for shoutouts, support and to stay connected within the craft cannabis community!