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Top 5 Best Cannabis Storage Containers


Weed sure has come a long way since the days of dime bags and ziplocs. In states across the country, many are now relishing the ability to purchase and consume regulated cannabis. With the various strains and potencies available at local dispensaries, you would be right to wonder how to ensure that your weed stays the freshest, longest. With an influx of cannabis storage jars and boxes entering the market, it can be difficult to choose the best storage option for you and your needs. This post will explore why it’s important to store your weed properly, the importance of materials used, and our picks for the five best cannabis storage containers to ensure your weed keeps its quality and lasts the longest. 

Importance of Proper Cannabis Storage

Whether you are seeking short-term or long-term cannabis storage, how you store your cannabis matters. To maintain the flower’s potency and quality, it’s high time we move away from plastic bags for good! What once worked out of necessity is now a huge reason why cannabis degrades and dries out with sun exposure, or becomes moldy with excess moisture. Proper cannabis storage comes down to three main factors: relative humidity, light exposure, and material. Basically, the three rules of thumb for best cannabis storage are:

  1. Keep it Cool.
  2. Keep it Dark. 
  3. Keep Moisture Away. 

Materials like glass, stainless steel, and wood are now used to create cannabis storage jars and cannabis storage boxes for the modern and mindful cannabis consumer. These materials help ensure that your cannabis is stored in a healthy, cool, dark, and moisture free environment, which maintains the quality, potency, aroma, and taste of your weed. Now, let’s get into our picks for the five best cannabis storage containers on the market!

5 Best Cannabis Storage Containers 

  1. CVault

Manufactured by FreshStor, the CVault storage container is constructed of type-304, food-grade stainless steel and is light-impenetrable. When combined with a Boveda humidity pack, the C-Vault creates “perfect conditions” for long- or short-term storage and is known to stand the test of time. With sizes ranging from extra-small ($19.99) to large ($33.99), this cannabis storage container can keep between 7 and 56 grams of cannabis flower fresh! For cultivators, FreshStor also offers liter-sized C-Vaults for best cannabis storage. 

  1. TightPac TightVac

Marketed as a coffee, tea, and herb storage product, the TightVac is also known to be an excellent cannabis storage container! With the ability to store up to 45 grams, this patented system is both vacuum and moisture-sealed, and is recyclable. The Tightpac is also said to be an excellent odor concealer so it’s a great cannabis storage container for those taking their weed on-the-go. With a lower price point of $16.49 on Amazon, the TightPac is a good choice for those on a budget. 

  1. Stashlogix Silverton

Also a great storage product for keeping your cannabis safe and discreet is the Stashlogix Silverton. The Silverton is a “stash box” made with a hard-shell case and activated carbon filtration lining that ensures discretion combined with a user-friendly three-digit combo lock for security and safety. Their famous “smell proof technology” helps make the Stashlogix Silverton a fan favorite for the best cannabis storage box. And, for the traveling toker, Stashlogix also makes thoughtful, discreet, and secure travel-sized bags and cases

  1. Infinity Jars

The “World’s Best Glass Jars” according to their website, Infinity Jars are sleekly designed, airtight, and scent-proof ultraviolet glass cannabis storage containers with some impressive consumer reviews. Infinity Jars come in a variety of sizes with a user-friendly wide mouth screw top. As we know, sunlight is the fastest way to degrade your cannabis, so this product is great due to the extra protection of the UV glass. 

  1. Cannador

The Cannador is a specially-designed cannabis humidor created using solid mahogany wood for the interior and a choice of solid walnut or cherry wood for the exterior. Traditionally crafted for cigar and tobacco storage, the team at Cannador saw a unique opportunity to bring the same benefits to cannabis storage. Like cigars, cannabis also requires moisture control to prevent mold and ensure freshness. With sizes ranging from “2 Strain” to “9 Strain”, the Cannador Humidor is a great choice for those looking for a great design with optimal freshness guaranteed. 

If you’re buying flower, particularly in bulk, it’s a good idea to invest in a safe and secure cannabis storage container. In addition to remembering the three rules of thumb for proper cannabis storage (cool, dark, safe from excess moisture), it’s also important to note that not all cannabis storage box options are created equally and that material matters. 

For more information on all things related to cannabis, and to pick up one of our “incognito” storage containers that look like soft drink cans, visit us online or in-person at Buds Garage, Everett or Birch Bay location. Buds Garage are local cannabis dispensaries with a garage theme offering a wide range of recreational cannabis products.