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Hot off the Press.

When we have things to say, we like to be like a good mechanic – short, sweet, and to the point. We won’t give you the runaround, over-sell, or try to confuse you with overly-complicated jargon. Come to the blog page to keep a lookout for holiday announcements and in-store specials for both our Everett and Birch Bay locations.

The Luckiest Cannabis Strains for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is famous in the U.S. for being a day of wholesome debauchery filled with green beer, pints of Guinness, corned beef, potatoes and oodles of cheeky pinches for non-green naysayers. Celebrate with something else that’s green this March 17 with some of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day cannabis picks like the Lucky […]

How to Pick Potent Weed at a Dispensary

With more than 1,000 dispensaries licensed by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB), an overwhelming number of cannabis products are available to consumers today. How do you truly know how to pick weed at a dispensary, though? Is it just preference? Or is there more to the story? This post will explore potent […]

Buds Best: High End Farms

We feel pretty dang lucky to be surrounded by so many small growers here in Washington. When you have fewer plants to tend, you can ensure they all get the utmost care and become the highest quality plants. High End Farms is one such gem. In fact, their name says it all! High End Farms’ […]

9 Euphoric Edibles to Survive the Winter Blues

Winter weather often means the onset of the winter blues. For some of us, hibernation can turn to feelings of isolation and depression, and sometimes we could use a boost! Luckily, there are euphoric winter edibles and cold weather strains to get us through the dark days of winter. Here are the nine of the […]

Buds Best: Burnwell Small-Batch Cannabis

If you know Buds, you know we love promoting local brands. Today, we’re showcasing a Washington small batch cannabis brand built on a steadfast commitment to people, the planet and the plant. Based in southeastern Washington, Burnwell is setting a new standard for responsible and sustainable cannabis production by using eco-friendly growing methods and packaging. […]

How Gross Is Bong Water, Really?

Be honest. You’ve probably smoked from a bong with dirty bong water before and wondered about the repercussions for your health…if there are any. But really, how often should bong water be changed? And is dirty bong water bad for you?  Not only does dirty bong water smell and taste unpleasant, you can face a […]