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Hot off the Press.

When we have things to say, we like to be like a good mechanic – short, sweet, and to the point. We won’t give you the runaround, over-sell, or try to confuse you with overly-complicated jargon. Come to the blog page to keep a lookout for holiday announcements and in-store specials for both our Everett and Birch Bay locations.

What is Live Resin and Why is It So Yummy?!

Ever asked yourself, “what is live resin?”, “how to make live resin” or the difference between live resin batter, live resin wax and live resin dabs? If so, you came to the right place! Live resin is one of the newest cannabis concentrates to hit the market, and we’re breakin’ it down for our buds […]

Buds Garage Concert Series

Buds Garage Glass & Goods along with Black Lab Gallery present the BUDS GARAGE CONCERT SERIES. This will be the first show of the series featuring local bands Active Measure, Sun Tunnels, and Coastal Cleanup. Active Measure Sun Tunnels Coastal Cleanup Be sure to swing through for an […]

Celebrate with Buds on 420

We’re geared up for 420 here at Buds Garage, and we’re rolling out some major 420 specials! We’ve been thinking about everything 420 all month long with daily 420 weed deals and exclusive brand offers up to 50% off. But we’re not pumping the breaks yet! On April 20, get 20% off the entire store! […]

Top 5 Best Cannabis Storage Containers

Weed sure has come a long way since the days of dime bags and ziplocs. In states across the country, many are now relishing the ability to purchase and consume regulated cannabis. With the various strains and potencies available at local dispensaries, you would be right to wonder how to ensure that your weed stays […]

Best Songs to Listen to While High

Creating a mood before a smoke sesh not only boosts the atmosphere but the overall vibe of your high. Whether you enjoy sitting around a fire pit in your yard, finding a scenic overlook, or simply sparking up on your couch, music always adds that extra somethin’ to make your sesh go from chill to […]

Top 5 Strain Picks to Get Through Winter

Winter means turning our clocks back, and the shorter days and colder nights that come with it. And for some, it can also bring on the winter blues. Freezing rain, snow and gray skies can be a downer for many humans. For some, wintertime brings very real consequences of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), the type […]