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Buds Best: Burnwell Small-Batch Cannabis

January 9, 2023

If you know Buds, you know we love promoting local brands. Today, we’re showcasing a Washington small batch cannabis brand built on a steadfast commitment to people, the planet and the plant. Based in southeastern Washington, Burnwell is setting a new standard for responsible and sustainable cannabis production by using eco-friendly growing methods and packaging. Known for their high-quality, small batch cannabis strains, Burnwell also offers sustainable, responsible merchandise like hats, hoodies and one-hitters made out of recycled skateboards. Rad. 

Check out all the different Burnwell cannabis strains and products they have to offer. But first, here’s some more info on their mission to grow great bud year-round while keeping the planet happy. 

Truly Sustainable Small Batch Cannabis

A huge thing that sets Burnwell apart from other cannabis brands is their commitment to sustainability. Since they first started, their mission has been to produce world-class cannabis and lead the sustainable cannabis movement through education and embracing earth-friendly business practices.From their organic growing methods to their eco-friendly packaging, Burnwell is doing their part to minimize their environmental impact and produce sustainable cannabis. 

At their farm in the fertile Palouse region, each plant is hand-watered, hand-trimmed and grown in optimal conditions. They use beneficial fungi and helper insects to keep the plants happy and healthy naturally, without any chemicals or pesticides. They also recycle nearly 100% of their spent soil and used water, and they utilize sun-enhanced greenhouses that require 75% less energy than traditional grows. A “sun-enhanced” greenhouse is completely transparent, giving the plants full access to the natural sunlight they prefer while allowing growers to control the temperature and humidity.

 “Burnwell was founded with the intent to show how world-class cannabis can be grown sustainably, end-to-end. We are proud to be a leader in shifting the industry toward greener business practices.” – Justin Tacy, co-founder 

You don’t have to choose between quality and sustainability. With Burnwell weed, you get both. 

Buds Best Burnwell Strains

Unlike many larger cannabis companies that mass produce their strains, Burnwell takes a more artisanal approach to cannabis cultivation. They believe that by focusing on smaller batches, they can produce a higher quality product that is more reflective of each strain’s unique characteristics.

If you’re a fan of small batch cannabis, then you’ll definitely want to check out Burnwell’s strains. Find our favorite Burnwell cannabis flower and extracts at our Everett location now:  

Burnwell Flower

Motorbreath – 0.50% THC 0.50% CBD Hybrid

Named after its excessively gassy flavor and smell, Motorbreath crosses Chemdog and SFV OG Kush. This award-winning strain produces a flavorful smoke with notes of fuel, earth and citrus. If you’re an OG fan, Motorbreath is a must-try. Novices beware, though: this stuff is potent. 

True P’s – 0.48% THC 0.10% CBD Hybrid

Full disclosure, we haven’t tried this Burnwell strain yet because it just came in. Our staff is on it and next time you’re here, we’ll tell you all about it. But knowing what we know about Burnwell weed, we have a strong feeling it’s gonna be good. 

Burnwell Extracts

Cookies & Cream – 6.68% THC Hybrid

Cookies and Cream Shatter is a cannabis extract that’s loaded with delicious terpenes. This tasty treat comes from blending Girl Scout Cookies and Ice Cream strains, inheriting the best of both worlds. Enjoy the classic flavor this concentrate offers. Cookies and Cream offers relaxing effects that are great for any time of day.

Meat Breath – 6.40% THC 0.54% CBD Kief

The name says it all — you get a powerful flavor you’ll still be tasting hours later. Meat Breath has a super dank and spicy citrus diesel flavor with a notable hint of meatloaf on exhale. The smell takes a more pungent turn, smelling earthy with a distinct chemical diesel. Beware: the potent aroma will fill any room and linger. The Meat Breath high brings well-balanced effects that hit both mind and body.

More Than Bud: Burnwell Merch

Burnwell weed isn’t all we’re talking about today. They also offer merch made with the environment in mind. They sell handcrafted wooden joint flasks and upcycled pre-roll holders made from old skateboards.

We love their merch’s unique, one-of-a-kind designs and that they’re turning trash into treasure. You can get their current lineup (including clothing) in their online shop. All of their clothing is printed locally in Seattle to minimize shipping distances and support local businesses.

Burnwell Cannabis for the Environmentally Conscious

Looking for a more sustainable smoke that doesn’t skimp on deliciousness? Then you gotta give Burnwell cannabis a try. They offer high quality small batch cannabis that’s sustainably grown, responsibly packaged, and available at our Everett dispensary! We’ve got the full range of Burnwell strains, so no matter what you’re into, we’ve got you covered the next time you spark up.

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