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Buds Best: From The Soil


This month the Buds Best series is featuring From The Soil Farms — premium pesticide-free cannabis that you’ve got to try. From The Soil Farms (FTS) is a family affair, run by brothers AJ and Andy Parent in nearby Elma, Wash. There you can find 10,000-square-foot Nexus glass houses filled with plants at all stages, just waiting to be picked at the peak of perfection. Learn more about products from FTS and check out our From the Soil suggestions.

All in the Family

From The Soil Farms started when Washington passed recreational i-502. The Parent family already had a medical dispensary in California, but Washington’s new laws were clearer and more appealing for cultivators. AJ and Andy’s dad, Artie, jumped at the chance, and soon the three of them had a farm in Elma. The farm grows for From The Soil, but they’ve also got a sister brand, Magic Time Farms. While the brothers tend to the growing operation, dad handles the marketing and packaging. He’s a pro, having owned the major print company that handles both Coachella and Rockstar Energy drinks.

Better Roots, Better Fruit

AJ and Andy take the best care of their plants alongside their 80-plus staff. The glass houses protect the plants from the rainy skies of the Pacific Northwest, while allowing them to absorb as much of the sun’s light as possible. On those cloudier Washington days, electric lights keep the plants happy.

The ambient temperature, humidity and light are all carefully controlled, but the Parents know the secret to growing healthy plants: the soil. All plants start below the ground, and get nourishment from the earth as much as they get energy from the sun. That’s why From The Soil Farms nurtures their “living soil,” where a balanced biome of living organisms like bacteria and worms live in harmony with the plants. Instead of chemicals, FTS fertilizes their plants with bat guano, worm castings and sea kelp. They also use beneficial bugs to protect their plants, so you can enjoy clean pesticide-free cannabis. 

Buds Best: From The Soil Cannabis, WA

From The Soil Farms produces a very intentional line of flower, extracts and pre-rolls. Andy is the brother to thank on this one, as he is passionate about developing new strains and is in with the best seed banks in the world. Here are some of our favorite FTS products: 


Since Andy loves getting creative with his strains, most of their products are hybrids. Find these great strains at Buds Garage in Everett and Birch Bay. 

  • Gelato x Do Si Do: 22.58% THC (Everett)
  • Mary Chino Cherry: A hybrid with a solid 19.32% THC (Everett)
  • Miami Heat: 25.09% THC (Everett)
  • Pamelina: A hybrid of GSC x Rare Dankness #2, with 22.90% TCH (Everett)
  • Duct Tape: 21.87% THC (Birch Bay)
  • Rozay: 25.98% THC (Birch Bay)


You won’t find muddy extracts when you choose From The Soil cannabis, WA. All of their extracts are strain-specific so you’ll get consistent product every time.

  • Cannatonic: A CBD extract with 64% CBD. This “pull-n-snap” is created to be malleable but not sticky. It’s dabbable, you can coil it around a joint or put a bead of it in the middle of your flower. Plus it tastes dankkkk (Everett)
  • CBD Mix: An extract with 47% CBD met with 24% THC (Everett)


Whether you can’t roll a tight spliff to save your life or you just don’t want to, pre-rolls are here to save the day. 

  • Pamelina: A conveniently rolled hybrid of GSC x Rare Dankness #2, with 22.90% TCH (Everett)

Vape Carts

The vape trend is still strong, and From The Soil steps up with a variety of vape cartridges loaded with their best-selling, strain-specific oil.

  • Nookie: A wild cart with a whopping 91.7% THC. This stony sativa is a cross of a Nigerian Landrace strain with Animal Cookies. It has a sweet fruity flavor and a spinny, euphoric high that makes time slip away (Birch Bay) 
  • Cookies and Cream: Coming in a close second with 90% THC (Birch Bay)
  • Loud Berry: 89% THC (Birch Bay)
  • Purple Punch: 84% THC (Birch Bay)
  • White Tahoe Cookies: 89.10% TCH (Birch Bay)

You already knew that Buds Garage carries only the best, and From The Soil Cannabis, WA hits all our marks: pesticide-free cannabis, locally grown and absolutely delicious. Shop with us online to get 10% off or visit us in store in Everett or Birch Bay to look at the buds before you buy. We’ve got discounts for veterans and seniors, and daily deals and holiday specials to shift your savings into overdrive. We can’t wait to see you!

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