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Buds Best: Legit Gold

At Buds Garage, we make sure to always serve you the most legit products, day in and day out. This includes this month’s Bud’s Best spotlight: the one and only Legit Cannabis Co. Their elite products, including their shining Legit Gold pre-rolls, truly elevate the cannabis experience to a whole new level. Not only are their joints always high quality; you can smoke like royalty while fully embodying that “always legit” energy. 

Legit Cannabis Co

Washington-native Legit Cannabis Co has locations across the state, including: 

  • Seattle
  • Tacoma
  • Snohomish
  • Skagit
  • Island County 
  • Eastern Washington

Genuinely living their mission statement of “Always Quality, Always Indoor, Always Legit”, they pride themselves on curating the finest indoor-grown cannabis with no leftover trim, no fan leaves and a consistently legit experience. Packaged in tubes that are BPA-free and child-proof, these high-quality cones represent the marriage of indoor-only flower to solvent-free hash, resulting in legit, delicious, potent pre-rolled joints that hit perfectly every time. 

Carefully infused from tip to filter, you can experience the difference between legit premium-infused joints and all the rest. Being tasty with strong terpene flavors and powerful with clean and clear cannabis extracts, Legit premium infused joints highlight everything a joint ought to be. These carefully curated strains are glass cured, fully trimmed and selected using a method that provides an array of specialty products full of character for everyone to enjoy. 

Likewise, the Legit Cannabis Co line of premium concentrates includes in-house premium bubble hash made in high-grade lab environments by their professional team using a solventless extraction process. This dedication to top-notch products results in an average of 65% potency for each batch. The advanced technology they use is nothing short of cutting-edge, and has helped establish state-of-the-art, pesticide-free growth techniques, evolved nutrient distribution, intelligent lab design and overall highly productive scenery that supports a consistent and effective supply of the best cannabis in the Washington market. 

Backed by unmatched industry knowledge and market awareness, Legit Cannabis Co employees and growers understand that cleanliness is essential in each nook and cranny of the process, starting at birth, coming to fruition at harvest and blossoming the moment that joint hits your lips. Educated, passionate cultivators regularly tend their flower to ensure quality, personal care and attentiveness go into every small batch brought to market. Once the buds have been aged to perfection, the crop is then trimmed immaculately and preserved in airtight glass jars until they are cured to perfection, so you can always expect the best from your pre-roll. 

Legit Gold Pre-Rolls

Buds Garage is happy to carry the best of the best cannabis in Washington state because our community deserves authentic and excellent products. We take pride in offering Legit Cannabis Co products because you know what you’re getting every time — some of the best cannabis on the market. 

Buds Garage’s Everett location currently carries some of their top-of-the-line goods, including both full-flower premium infused joints and Legit Gold pre-rolls. The infused 1g Peanut Butter Breath and Unicorn Tears are two thoughtfully designed gold (yes, real gold!) cones that are delicious, potent and elegant from tip to filter. Their two mini gold-infused pre-rolls in stock are the .7g Honey Apple and Mango strains. Give them a try and you’ll see in your first puff that they are always legit, always quality and exceptionally unique with every drag. 

Two of the hottest Legit premium infused joints on Buds Garage’s menu are the live-resin .7g Dolato and the 1g Lucid Peach platinum cone. Using an organic nutrient line, your Legit pre-rolls will always be stuffed with superior, well-cared-for buds. The goal is to shift the perception of your everyday joint to a higher standard of expecting a consistently smooth, delectable and potent smoke without sacrifice. After all, why should your pre-roll be any different?

Always Legit

Buds Garage is your reliable one-stop shop for discovering a new way of smoking and experiencing all cannabis has to offer. We are proud to be home to products that are raising the bar for marijuana lovers everywhere. Legit Cannabis’ dedication to embodying the authentic, legit experience shines brightly in all they do to bring exemplary products to the Washington market. Order online or come into one of our brick-and-mortar locations to feel the difference of a Legit Gold pre-roll today! Our budtenders are ready to help assist you with any questions you have to make sure all of your weed needs are fully taken care of.

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