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The Luckiest Cannabis Strains for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is famous in the U.S. for being a day of wholesome debauchery filled with green beer, pints of Guinness, corned beef, potatoes and oodles of cheeky pinches for non-green naysayers. Celebrate with something else that’s green this March 17 with some of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day cannabis picks like the Lucky Charmz strain.

Lucky Charmz Strain

You can’t write about St. Patrick’s Day weed selections without mentioning Lucky Charmz strain!

This strong strain makes all the leprechauns dance. Lucky Charmz strain is about as perfectly hybrid as they come, with 50% indica and 50% sativa lineage from The White x Appalachia parent strains, and contains approximately 23% THC. Tasting like a sugary sweet bowl of cereal milk with a hint of berry tang, the Lucky Charmz strain smells like dank fruity earthy goodness. You can find Lucky Charmz at Buds Garage in Everett in the form of fresh nugs from brand Regulator.

Cereal Milk Strain

Speaking of cereal milk, a fun combination to potentially add to enhance your Lucky Charmz strain would be the equally delicious choice of Cereal Milk.

Another true hybrid with about 22% THC on average, this strain is perfect for keeping your St. Patrick’s Day green. The flavor matches well with Lucky Charmz’s loud, creamy, herbal vanilla tastes and has the appearance of a dense heart-shaped nug with a frosty sprinkling of sugary trichomes.

Kush Queen Strain

Next up on our St. Patrick’s Day marijuana haul is the delectable Kush Queen strain. This queen is an indica-leaning hybrid with a high THC percentage of 36%.

She’s perfect for winding down on the couch at the end of the day’s celebrations with a tingly body high that engulfs you like a cozy green blanket. Kush Queen also provides a very euphoric mental high, which consumers have described as feelings of joy, rejuvenation and positivity that can easily lead to a trip to the chuckle factory. The Kush Queen strain can be found at Buds Garage in Everett from the Phat Panda brand in one-gram pre-rolls.

Green Crack Strain

Ready for another perfectly festive St. Patrick’s Day weed choice? This one’s got “green” right in the name.

You don’t have to be Irish to enjoy a classic green treat with the infamous Green Crack sativa-dominant strain. Also known as Green Cush, this bouncy bud can have a wide range of THC levels, clocking in anywhere from 13% – 35% but averaging around 22%.

Green Crack is known among weed connoisseurs for its bright and clear high, making it ideal as the wake ‘n bake choice to start your morning, or for toking during the day to maintain a smooth ride throughout your celebrations. This strain has tropical notes, specifically tasting like mango and citrus fruits and provides users with sharper mental focus, energy boosts and even creative inspiration! Green Crack/Cush is a perfect strain for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day cannabis-style. Available at Buds Garage in eighths from Equiox Gardens here.

Rainbow Flame Strain

Looking for treasure at the end of the rainbow? How about a Rainbow Flame to light your St. Patrick’s Day weed festivities ablaze?

The Rainbow Flame strain is a hybrid with about 20% THC on average. It was created with P1 Green Fire Keeper x Everglades lineage. Rainbow Flame tastes light and tropical, with some deep, dank flavors of coconut and pineapple and has skunky aromas of watermelon, lemon and hints of bubblegum. Easy to enjoy during the day with a nice and tingly cerebral high, you can find Rainbow Flame products at Buds Garage by Bellevue Cannabis here.

Lime Sorbet Strain

Just as juicy as it sounds, Lime Sorbet is a great festive strain to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year. Being an indica-dominant hybrid with a high THC content of around 17% – 27%, this is a strain that will pack a delicious punch. Notorious for its incredible taste of key lime, tropical berries, sour citrus fruits and a creamy finish, Lime Sorbet is a pungent way to send off the day in true relaxation. Consumers tend to feel stoney, giggly, drowsy and utterly peaceful effects. Find some Lime Sorbet carts from Buddies Brand here at Buds Garage.

Pot of Gold Strain

It’s true, the Pot of Gold is real and dank as ever! Perhaps the most perfect St. Patrick’s Day marijuana strain of them all is this 90/10 indica hybrid, made from parent strains Hindu Kush x Skunk #1.

Pot of Gold has approximately 15% THC and is ideal for wrapping up your day in a blanket of gold. This strain is sure to bring you all the luck o’ the Irish as a highly effective pain reliever and sleep inducer that tastes and smells like a skunk wandered into a blossoming apple orchard in the springtime. It’s the perfect for a night cap to finish out this year’s celebrations in the most festive way possible!

St. Patrick’s Day cannabis traditions are here to stay! What’s your favorite lucky strain?