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Top 3 Reasons to Buy Pre-Rolled Joints

July 25, 2022

Has it been a while since you puff-puff-passed a joint amongst friends? As we cautiously venture out again, COVID-19 has certainly changed how we gather and sesh. Perhaps surprisingly, pre-roll sales have skyrocketed during the pandemic. We have some theories as to why — and your source for the best pre rolls in Washington from the local dispensary you know and love. Buy pre rolled joints from your favorite joint shop, at Buds Garage.

What is a Preroll?

What is a preroll, you ask? Just kidding. If you’re a cannabis consumer, we’ll assume you already know what is a pre-roll. But just in case you are new here, before we discuss why you should buy pre rolled joints from the local dispensary, let’s quickly summarize what is a preroll. Pre-rolls are ready-to-go cannabis-filled joints you can purchase from local dispensaries. The allure of the pre-roll has a long history beyond becoming a post-legalization phenomenon.

History of the Pre-Roll

For thousands of years humans have been consuming cannabis by smoking from a pipe. That is until 1850 when indigenous laborers added some cannabis flower to a rolled tobacco cigarette while hard at work. While today the technique of combining tobacco and cannabis is commonly referred to as “smoking a spliff,” this process was the precursor to the “joint” or “doobie,” which became popular thanks to the emerging nightlife scene of the 1930s and 1940s. Thanks to popular venues like jazz clubs, not only were joints convenient, according to an article in TIME Magazine from July 1943, they also heightened your experience with music or other sensory activities.

From then on, people who sold cannabis would often have “pre-rolled” cannabis cigarettes available to folks of all musical tastes. Put simply, decades of tradition collided with creative innovation to create the preroll. You can still pre-roll your joints, of course, and many still do. But now with a growing legal cannabis industry, there are good reasons to grab some at your local joint shop. Get the top three reasons to buy pre-rolled joints.

Top 3 Reasons to Buy Pre Rolled Joints

In case you need convincing, we have compiled the top three reasons to buy pre rolled joints from the local dispensary.

       1. Convenience 

The number one reason most people walk into a dispensary to purchase pre-rolls is because of the convenience they provide. Whereas consumers used to need rolling papers, tips (or filters), weed and enough skill to roll and enjoy a joint, now they can just pull out a pre-rolled joint and light up themselves or pass one to a friend. And that brings us to another reason you should buy pre-rolls: safety.

       2. Safety

Pre-roll packs make it easy to safeguard against COVID-19 and other contagions. Sharing joints means sharing germs, and it’s still not recommended to share pre-rolls with anyone. Pre-rolls offer safety for you and others. Pick up a pack of mini or regular sized pre-rolls next time you’re at the local dispensary. They are both convenient and safe to consume cannabis while out with new and old friends.

       3. Accessibility

In addition to being convenient, pre-rolled joints are also a great way for novice consumers who don’t know how to roll to enjoy a joint. Pre-rolls also provide accessibility to medical patients with disabilities that affect their dexterity. Having pre-roll options available at your local joint shop is one way to ensure patients with amputations, arthritis, and other conditions can easily smoke medicinal or recreational cannabis flower.

Best Pre Rolls in Washington 

Looking for a reliable spot to buy the best pre-rolls in Washington state? Fuel up on your favorite pre-rolls at Buds Garage in Everett and Birch Bay, Washington. Buds Garage has a plethora of pre-rolls to choose from, ranging from a variety of classic single and double pre-rolls, to strain specific packs with up to 32 pre-rolls included and infused pre-rolls. Buds Garage has a pre-roll for every activity alone at home or back out in society.

The Best Joint Shop in Everett

Buds Garage is conveniently located off Everett Avenue and Walnut Street, and just blocks from the Snohomish River. The Buds Garage menu includes an extensive inventory of cannabis, CBD and the best pre rolls in Washington, and customers come from all over the area to get the best strains grown throughout the Evergreen State. Browse our Everett cannabis menu or Birth Bay menu to find the best flower, concentrates, pre-rolls, edibles, cannabis beverages, and topicals in Snohomish and Whatcom counties.

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