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2022 Washington Cannabis Gift Guide

A high holiday is a happy holiday. Introducing the ultimate weed gift guide for Washington cannabis connoisseurs in 2022.

The holiday season has rolled around again. Pretty soon, if you haven’t already, you’ll be putting up and decorating a tree, maybe stringing some lights outside.

And your willingness to indulge will be heightened because, hey — it’s the holidays! Rich recipes, signature cocktails, festive entertainment and a bunch of cannabis goodies. Sounds divine!

Perhaps you’re struggling to find the right present for someone (everyone?) on your list. Want to treat your family but on a tight budget? Bored of the same ‘body wash and deodorant’ package on every big-box end cap? We hear you.

Good news! We have made holiday shopping easier than ever with the 2022 weed gift guide! Order online or visit the shop to get gifts for the whole family in one place.

Cannabis gifts for men

Uncles are always down to smoke, whether it’s your uncle or your brother-turned-kids’ uncle. They are often self-proclaimed weed connoisseurs, and that’s cool with us. We suggest flower or edibles — or both if you’re really close.

  • Danny Deweedo “A” Flower by Fire Bros. (Secret Cookies x Kushmints, Pheno #11) is a super-fitting indica that packs a reasonable 18% THC.
  • Flower from Man’s Best Friend Cannabis seems to be an easy win for the adult men in your life
  • Sweet June’s Sweets & Savories Pretzels, currently available in Jalapeno Ranch, Chipotle BBQ, Ranch and Salt & Vinegar.
  • Snickerdoodle cookies by Magic Kitchen, available in a 10 pack.

Cannabis gifts for women

For the aunts, sisters, mothers-in-law with a distinct palette. She might occasionally smoke a joint with a group, but she more often prefers something more health-conscious — or just a little sweet treat every once in awhile. 

  • 4.20 minis are 100mg THC gourmet dark chocolates in various flavors. Try the espresso! Fair trade, 72% cacao, vegan, gluten-free a
  • 4.20 minis dark chocolate and sea salt minis: still vegan and gluten free, but with a 10:1 ratio of CBD to THC.
  • Mary’s 1:1 Peppermint Fulfill Mints (100mg CBD/100mg THC) should be a must in every stocking this season.

Cannabis gifts for mom 

Regardless of who does the cooking, cleaning, etc., there can be something uniquely stressful about the holiday season. If your mom is hosting and she’s into the sweet stuff, consider gifting her some low-dose edibles.

  • Green Revolution’s Doozies with  40:1 ratio CBD:THC are a delicious sweet treat and can alleviate stress, pain, and promote relaxation and zen. Perfect for the hustle, bustle and chaos of life.
  • Caramel Chews from Chewee’s have a certain nostalgic feel — perhaps because they’re inspired by the timeless recipe of the founder’s grandmother. 8 simple ingredients, with all flavors available in indica and sativa blends.

Cannabis gifts for dad

If your dad still refers to cannabis as a doobie, then pre-rolls are the clear choice.

  • Snoop’s Dream pre-rolls is a hybrid blend with smoky pine nut flavors and a euphoric, relaxing hit. Buying from BudCo farm comes with the added bonus of supporting ethical and quality craft cannabis. Tick, tick, tick!
  • A five-pack of Royal OG Kush pre-rolls from BudCo. Farms just might last your dad until next year.
  • If it’s been ages since he’s smoked and you’re not sure what he’ll like, grab a five-pack of Seattle’s Private Reserve variety pre-rolls, strain specific and full grams.

Cannabis gifts for your partner

Treat your significant other to cannabis product types that are new and out of the ordinary, then pair it with an experience.

  • We’re absolutely loving the Gorilla Mintz hybrid custom bred by Galactic genetics. Great for a day at a spa or luxury “me-time” activities for the ultimate euphoric hit. Great for pre- and post-intimacy too. Start your engines! 
  • Wildside MAX Raspberry or Lemon Orange shots packs 100mg of THC into a 20 oz. bottle. Highly potent with bold, fruity flavors, this shot of “Fly” is perfect for a no-surprises couples hike or for a long and festive occasion like New Year’s Eve.

Cannabis gifts for your grandparents

The elderly can certainly benefit from cannabis but they are often not your typical weed connoisseur.

  • Gift this Ceres Relief Blend Tincture, the perfect, pocket-sized present that offers a powerful combination of pain-blocking strains, horse chestnut, willow bark and turmeric. Great for helping reduce inflammation, sore muscles, aches and pains.
  • Ceres Relief Super CBD Capsules are pure CO2 extracted THC and CBD oils with expertly blended herbal supplements that serve to support your body’s natural rhythms.
  • Ceres 1:1 Dragon Balm combines cooling menthol and numbing camphor to distract the brain, acting in a beneficial way on the nerves. The addition of soothing Clove, Cajeput and Mint Oil together with Ceres pure, potent CO2 extracted oil provides deep and lasting relief.

Calling all cannabis connoisseurs! Order online or visit Buds Garage for one-stop holiday gift shopping. Visit our Everett and Birch Bay menu pages for holidays and more!