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What is Live Resin and Why is It So Yummy?!

Ever asked yourself, “what is live resin?”, “how to make live resin” or the difference between live resin batter, live resin wax and live resin dabs? If so, you came to the right place! Live resin is one of the newest cannabis concentrates to hit the market, and we’re breakin’ it down for our buds and introducing some flavorful and potent live resin products available at Buds Garage. 

What is Live Resin?

Live resin is a fun and popular full-spectrum cannabis concentrate made by flash-freezing newly harvested cannabis with liquid nitrogen before extracting it at a cold temperature while the plant matter is still frozen. After harvesting, frozen plants are put through a solvent extraction process, using butane, propane or another solvent. Plants used for live resin production skip the drying and curing process, a process that changes the molecular makeup of the plant and degrades important cannabinoids and terpenes. Essentially, moving freshly harvested cannabis straight to the freezer protects the cannabis flower’s most precious parts. 

How to Make Live Resin

Making live resin is a complicated process that requires specific expertise and equipment, so it is best done in a facility. It’s not impossible to make live resin at home, but definitely not suggested for the novice cannabis consumer.

Live resin can be found in two forms based on their consistencies: live resin batter (or butter) and live resin wax. The harvesting and freezing process remains the same, the difference lies in how the extracted material is mixed for a final product. Live resin wax is whipped longer to produce a drier, crumblier wax, whereas live resin batter (or butter) is whipped for a shorter period of time, producing a creamier, buttery product. 

Not to be confused with “live rosin”, which looks similar but requires more plant matter to produce, live resin is said to pack more terpenes and provides an aromatic and tasty treat for many cannabis consumers. 

History of Live Resin 

Now that we have answered what is live resin, let’s dive into where and how one of the newest forms of cannabis concentrates came about. The seeds for thai idea were originally planted by an inspired grower and hash maker named Willian “Kind Bill” Fenger back in 2010. Kind Bill, famous for starting the first cannabis grow specifically for concentrate production, was curious about creating a concentrate that produced the same terpene profile, aroma, and taste of newly trimmed or harvested cannabis.

But it wasn’t until 2013 when Kind Bill crossed paths with a cannabis entrepreneur and closed-loop extraction unit creator named “Giddy Up” that the seed ultimately grew. Bill, who had been unsuccessful in finalizing his vision of live resin due to extraction roadblocks finally found his missing ingredient in Giddy’s OBE-Dos closed-loop extraction unit and hash history was made.  

How to Use Live Resin 

Live resin can be consumed in a few ways: dabbing, vaping and sprinkling. 

  • Dabbing live resin. Most concentrate consumers are dedicated dabbers, the most popular way of consuming live resin. To take a live resin dab, you’ll first need tools! Tools for live resin dabs include a dab rig, nail, a fueled up torch and a dab tool to handle the sticky consistency of live resin. Compared to traditional dab material that has been dried and cured, live resin dabs pack a powerful THC level and rich terpene profile due to the freezing of the plant. Consumers can dab both live resin wax and live resin batter (butter).
  • Vaping live resin with a dab pen. You can also vape live resin with a dab pen. Dab pens are similar to traditional vape devices but made specifically for dabbing concentrates. You will also need a dab tool for this method since getting the live resin into the bowl portion of the pen can be a little sticky. It is ineffective to vape with live resin wax, so you will want to stick with live resin batter for this one!
  • Sprinkling or topping off. Another way to consume live resin is by simply sprinkling it on top of a joint or blunt before rolling it up, or sprinkling it atop of a packed bowl. This method is also called “topping off”. 

Live Resin Products at Buds Garage

Now that we’ve learned what live resin is, how to make live resin and how to consume live resin, let’s highlight a few cool live resin products found at Buds Garage. 

  1. Gorilla Glue #4 Live Resin & Terps by DogHouse. This live resin hybrid is 77% THC, 0.03% CBD and available in 1 gram
  2. Star Killer OG Live Resin Diamonds & Terps by DogHouse. This sativa-dominant hybrid is 67% THC, 0.13% CBD available in 1 gram.
  3. Cannatonic Live Resin Cartridge by Avitas. This live resin cartridge is a balanced hybrid with 17.6% THC, 20.4% CBD and available in 1 gram.

Stop by and try them out! Hope you see you soon!