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The only lemons here come with haze

Whether we’ve sent you off feeling turbo-charged, or (heaven forbid) we’ve ground your gears, we want to hear from you. Learning about your experience is important to us. It helps us to tune-up where we’ve misfired and reward our team where there’s exemplary work and care for our customers. Do you have feedback about your interaction or compliments you want delivered to your budtender? You’re in the right place.
  • Angela

    Luv this place. Great selection, good prices. I will Definitely be going back…. Excellent display with their products, wide variety, wide selection. Some pretty cool pipes in a reasonable prices. Cartridges starting up 30 bucks not bad compared to some other smoke shops. If you’re ever in or near the ever area north Everett area you’ve got to go just a block or so off the freeway
  • Rebecca

    Love the people that work there!! All of them are knowledgeable and weather your spending 5$ or 200$ they treat you with respect and are very helpful! I don’t go anywhere else, I absolutely love BUDS GARAGE and I always recommend it for anyone and everyone, pretty sure they will have whatever you want, and if you don’t know what you want go talk to someone behind the counter and they will for sure help you figure out what you want and you will leave happy with whatever you decided on!!
  • Ashlee

    Great supply and lots of variety. The employees are nice and can be talkative while helping you pick out what you are looking for, they never steer you wrong. I love going in and enjoy the conversations and help.
  • Bud

    I love this dispensary and it’s appearance! Love the gas station / garage theme. Makes coming here a little more enjoyable! They have deals. Cannabis selection is good. Good hash & concentrate selection. Friendly Budtenders! Gets busy in here though
  • Patrick

    Awesome prices, great staff! Always so friendly and helpful! Great vibe in this place. Ordering online is easy. This is my preferred pot shop. I choose this place over any other, ESPECIALLY in Everott
  • Miles

    Cool place, really nice atmosphere. Real grassroots style handwritten pricing and stuff. Product is high quality and staff is really friendly. I’ll have to check out their glass shop too next time I’m there.

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