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Buds Garage Everett and Buds Garage Birch Bay are medically endorsed cannabis retailers
Buds Garage Everett and Buds Garage Birch Bay are medically endorsed cannabis retailers

Hot off the Press.

When we have things to say, we like to be like a good mechanic – short, sweet, and to the point. We won’t give you the runaround, over-sell, or try to confuse you with overly-complicated jargon. Come to the blog page to keep a lookout for holiday announcements and in-store specials for both our Everett and Birch Bay locations.

Here’s Why Buds is the Best Weed Dispensary Near You!

Ever since Washington legalized cannabis for medical and recreational use, the saturation of bud shops in Everett can make anyone dazed and confused. Does your search engine history include “best weed dispensary near me,” “weed store near me,” “closest marijuana dispensary near me” or “marijuana store near me”? We get it — it’s exciting to […]

Enjoy Local Family Craft Cannabis with 1937 Farms

As the premier recreational cannabis dispensary in Everett and Birch Bay, Buds Garage takes pride in not only offering the absolute best in quality cannabinoid therapeutics but in supporting and working directly with Washington’s best local farmers. Today, we’re featuring one of Buds Best: 1937 Farms. With their family craft cannabis farm in the foothills […]

The Best Cake Strains List by Buds Garage [2023]

Buds Garage has numerous cake weed strains to satisfy your sweet tooth this summer. Known for their sweet and dessert-like aromas and flavors, all of these strains can be enjoyed for their relaxing effects, pleasant tastes and mood-enhancing qualities. Read more below for a detailed list of today’s best cake weed strains, perfect for infusing […]

Stay Cool this Summer with Captain Yeti Cannabis

We hope you’ve been staying cool so far this summer, because we’re about to turn up the heat with this month’s Buds Best feature! We are happy to spotlight none other than Captain Yeti, a woman-owned cannabis brand that has proven to be as hardworking as the summer sun is hot. Featuring specialty flower, pre-rolls […]

Buds Guide to Cannabis Cartridge Types

Vapes are a popular choice for cannabis consumption among users everywhere as they are sleek, compact, discreet and convenient, to name just a few benefits. Cartridges are small pre-filled cannabis oil containers that attach to a battery or vape pen that heats the product, allowing users to instantly inhale its vapors. There are many different […]

Looking for a Luxurious Smoke? Check Out Dawg Star Cannabis!

Coming in hot with another Washington-based fan favorite, Dawg Star is taking the reins this summer with its commitment to hand-grown premium cannabis. Known for its indoor-grown, hand-trimmed, masterfully-cured bud, Dawg Star cannabis flower has earned a reputation for producing top-tier cannabis strains and establishing itself as a prominent player in the Washington State weed […]