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The Best Cake Strains List by Buds Garage [2023]


Buds Garage has numerous cake weed strains to satisfy your sweet tooth this summer. Known for their sweet and dessert-like aromas and flavors, all of these strains can be enjoyed for their relaxing effects, pleasant tastes and mood-enhancing qualities. Read more below for a detailed list of today’s best cake weed strains, perfect for infusing into your next edible, indulging on a hazy Sunday afternoon or bringing along to the next celebration!

LA Kush Cake

This cake weed strain is second to none — across multiple brands, it’s one of the best-sellers at our Everett location!

Nearly flying off the shelves, LA Kush Cake is a genetic mix of LA Kush and Gorilla Glue #4, resulting in an indica-dominant hybrid that delivers a delicious punch with every toke. It’s currently available in flower offerings by Dama, From The Soil, Samson Select and Bag O’ Weed, as well as a pre-roll and extract from Northwest Grown.

Lava Cake

Arguably one of the best cake strains, Lava Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid developed from Thin Mint GSC and Grape Pie, two potent strains that offer a beautifully relaxing effect with a pungent, sweet flavor that hits every time. Don’t miss out on the delectable options in store, as we are currently offering this cake weed strain in pre-roll form from Dama and as both a pre-roll and an extract from Soulshine.

Birthday Cake

A well-known option, Birthday Cake makes the top of the cake strains list with its shimmering, candle-like crystal-covered buds. But you don’t need to wait for a special occasion with this indica-dominant hybrid cake strain, as the effects are said to be calming and euphoric with a hint of frosty vanilla sweetness. Coming from parents Cherry Pie and the iconic Girl Scout Cookies, you can find Birthday Cake vapes at Buds Garage Everett from 5th House Farms or as pre-rolls from Redbird.

Cake Donut

The love child cake strain of London Poundcake and Apple Fritter, Cake Donut by Skord is a scrumptious hybrid option to satisfy those sweet tooth stoney cravings. With a flavor profile of floury dough and buttery marshmallows, you’ll want to light up a pre-roll of this strain on top of your next cake. The high is known to be mellow and light, making it a great choice for low-key daytime activities or relaxing at home before going to bed.

Cakes N Cream

With its smooth, creamy finish, Cakes N Cream is a cultivar more than worthy of making our cake strains list. Created from the combination of Pancakes and Platinum, this high-percentage THC hybrid is popular for its sticky, resin-heavy buds and terpene profile of lemon, berry, frosty and skunky. If you’re craving a sweet treat to finish off your day, check out the Cakes N Cream pre-rolls from Sky High Gardens at our Everett location.

Layer Cake

The highly popular Layer Cake is a genetic combination of an already iconic foursome: Wedding Cake, GMO, Triangle Kush and Skunk. A sativa-dominant hybrid with a THC level averaging 25 percent, Layer Cake is easily one of the hottest cake weed strains on the market. Users report a very balanced high that highlights creativity, giddiness and uplifting feelings along with a nice pungent vanilla skunk dankness. You can take a rip out of this tasty classic flower in eighths or quarters from From The Soil at Buds Garage Everett.

Blueberry Space Cake

This cake weed strain is sure to please, exhibiting traits from both of its extraterrestrial parents, Outer Space and Alien Dutchess. This indica-dominant hybrid comes in a convenient vape cartridge from MFUSED and is ideal for stress relief before blasting off to another planet.

Offering a buttery flavor profile with hints of berries as well as soothing effects that leave users feeling cozy, laid-back and even tingly, Blueberry Space Cake has earned its reputation as one of the best cake strains on the market today.

Jungle Cake

Offspring of White Fire #43 and Wedding Cake, this scrumptious hybrid cake strain has a balance of high THC potency with an airy, bouncy effect. Users report flavors of sweetness with a bit of spice and tang as well as a nutty, peppery dankness. An ideal selection for any occasion, Jungle Cake is sure to deliver a well-rounded high that any user will enjoy, and might even come back for seconds. Pick up a Jungle Cake extract from Forbidden Farms at Buds Garage Everett for dessert tonight!

This article was originally published in April 2022. It was updated Aug. 8, 2023.