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Buds Best: Things to Do While High Around Everett, WA


There is nothing wrong with getting high and zoning out on the couch. Streaming some Netflix. Playing a video game. But if you want to take things up a notch and really enjoy that 420 experience, there is so much to do and see while you’re buzzing. Whether you are here to visit Everett attractions or you call it your home, the list of things to do in Everett WA is endless — but just to get you started, here are some of our favorite fun things to do while high in Everett.

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• Get Arty. Downtown Everett is home to the Schack Art Center, which is not only admission-free but full of exhibit galleries that feature the diverse artwork of both internationally known artists and emerging young talents as well. Everett’s resident artistic center is open six days a week, and even if staring at art isn’t your thing, there is so much more!

You can get mesmerized by watching professional glass blowers make their magic in the hot shop and create art right in front of your very eyes. Or if you really want to get hands-on, they have a whole bunch of classes (not free but totally worth it) that include such things as basket-weaving, jewelry-making, wax-painting, ceramics — they even had one in pipe making. (Keep your eye out for when that comes back.) It really is one of the best Everett attractions around if you want to get lost in a world of color and forms.

• Go on a Treasure Hunt. Technically, it’s called Geocaching, which actually began in the Pacific Northwest in 2000 — but that’s basically just a fancy word for becoming part of the world’s biggest treasure hunt. As far as things to do in Everett WA, this is a fun one.

All you have to do is quickly download an app on your phone, which will then direct you to within about 30 feet of your treasure — and then the adventure begins. From tiny capsules the size of a screw to ammo boxes chock full o’ loot, geocaching will have you traveling both the city and the trails searching for goodies. You will have to leave them there after you find them, but you can also add some treasure troves of your own to the hunt as well!

• Fly Through the Air. Everett just happens to be home to High Trek Adventures, an aerial adventure park that boasts a high ropes course and multiple ziplines. This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “getting high”. If you are looking for things to do in Everett WA, this place should most definitely be on your list. There are more than 60 aerial elements for people of all ability levels that you can climb, balance and swing through, as well as a fun center where you can enjoy mini-golf, laser tag, and axe-throwing.

• Get Your LARP On. Wondering what to do while high? How about becoming a part of an interactive role-playing game complete with props and costumes? That’s LARPing, which stands for Live Action Role Play. You can go with a group of buddies, or go alone and make some new friends, and immerse yourself in an entirely new character while pursuing goals in a fictional setting represented in the real world.

• Bathe Yourself in Sound. Wondering what to do while high that’s more than just fun and goes a little bit deeper on your journey to health and wellness? Everett is home to Ethereal Sound and Wellness, where they believe that sound healing has the ability to calm the mind, relax the body and heal the soul. They offer “sound baths,” which is basically a guided experience that uses sound and vibration from a variety of instruments to achieve tranquility in your mind, body and spirit. You can take part in an upcoming event, or book a private session for you alone or a group of friends to enjoy, and really make the most of all the expansive properties that cannabis can provide. It’s one of many unique and memorable things to do in Everett WA.

• Hit One Out of the Park. Okay, well not you exactly — but you can root root root for your home team! Everett is home to Funko Field and the Everett Aquasox, one of the top minor league baseball teams in all the United States. If you’re a sports lover, this charming little stadium full of people all there to have fun will remind you why baseball is called America’s national pastime. As far as Everett attractions go, who wouldn’t want to sit down and munch out while enjoying all the highs and lows that come with the game?

With all the amazing scenery of Puget Sound and the proximity of the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, the Port Gardner waterfront and Jetty Island, it would be impossible to do a comprehensive list of all the delights that Everett holds. You can of course take a hike, do some shopping, see a show — there is an unlimited amount of fun things to do while high.

Whatever you do, do it in style — and make sure to stop by Buds Garage when you visit Everett attractions. Whether it be flower for beforehand, vape and pre-rolls to take along with you, edibles and tinctures to keep it discreet, or extracts and concentrates to really have you flying, Buds Garage has just what you need to make your adventure the best. Pull into Buds, fuel up on your faves, and get on the road to health and wellness. Always remember it’s Buds for your buds.