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Buds Garage Everett and Buds Garage Birch Bay are medically endorsed cannabis retailers
Buds Garage Everett and Buds Garage Birch Bay are medically endorsed cannabis retailers

Your one-stop cannabis shop.

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Pot Shops Near Everett WA

You’ve got choices

We know there are a lot of choices when considering pot shops near Everett WA. We value our customers by providing quality products, knowledgeable staff and a safe experience. If you searched for recreational marijuana Everett WA and found our bud stores in Everett and Birch Bay, consider taking a quick trip to Buds Garage. Let us tell you why…

Our Beginnings

Our story begins with the drive to help others.

We are honored to have the opportunity to provide cannabinoid therapeutics to Northern Washington. Before we had a brick and mortar bud stores, we searched high and low for the perfect location. When we came across the bones of an old gas station, we immediately fell in love with its potential — maybe we could incorporate our love for gears with our passion for green. It wasn’t what we were looking for in an Everett pot shop, but it was what we needed. With a little vision and a lot of hard work, this old, run-down space became the new and improved home of Buds Garage for the best recreational marijuana Everett WA has to offer.

At Buds Garage we know how important it is to get things right. You take the time, energy — and even put on real clothes — to make a trip to the dispensary of your choice. You expect a certain level of expertise, product quality, and customer service. With patrons driving sometimes more than an hour to shop our exclusive strains, we know what a commitment it is — so we take the weight of these things seriously. That’s why we’ve put an emphasis on educating budtenders, sourcing the best strains and products, and approaching all of our customer interactions with kindness, respect, and a curiosity.

Are you long familiar with bud stores but newly exploring pot shops near Everett WA? Whether you are a seasoned cannabis connoisseur or a canna-curious newcomer looking for recreational marijuana in Everett, you’ll be treated with respect and receive top-notch experience from start to finish. It’s our commitment to you.

EST. 2013

buds store | recreational marijuana everett wa | pot shops near everett wa
buds store | recreational marijuana everett wa | pot shops near everett wa

Who We Are

At Buds Garage, we have a passion for people and a love for quality cannabis. We take the time to hire good people because we know your experience depends on it. Unlike many other pot shops near Everett WA, we are not built on the “turn and burn” model. We aren’t trying to race you through your purchase or upsell you on things you don’t need. Instead, our budtenders take the time to listen to you, understand your needs and preferences, and help you to discover new, quality recreational marijuana products curated with your experience in mind. At the end of the day, if you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy. Would you like to leave a testimonial of your experience at our bud store? Click here.

buds store | recreational marijuana everett wa | pot shops near everett wa

What We Do

It’s our passion and commitment to provide the very best products Washington has to offer. That’s why we work directly with Washington’s best farmers to stock strains and brands in our bud stores that you won’t find in other local dispensaries. Our main focus isn’t just the finished product. We know how important it is to the quality of flower, the health of our clients, and the vitality of the earth that the cannabis we curate is grown in a clean and sustainable way. We source flower from local farms in Whatcom and Snohomish counties that utilize natural growing practices and use tactics — like beneficial insects — to manage pests and plant illness. We know small steps like these make for a better planet and a better industry.

How we give back

We think giving back is an important part of being good stewards of the community. It makes us proud of our business and creates a cycle of good-will. We are honored to take part in several initiatives that support our community members, local schools, and the environment.

First, we are humbled to sponsor Everett’s Wheels on the Waterfront Car Show with a Cause. All money raised goes towards the Providence Regional Cancer Partnership to support patients, families, and cancer research. Since 2012, this event has raised over $60,000 for the Cancer Patient Assistance Fund.

The next generation of community members deserve the resources and support to achieve success in their academics and beyond. Since 2020, we have been honored to contribute to the Everett Public Schools Foundation, which benefits four different programs in Early Learning, Innovation and Excellence, High school & Beyond, and Basic Needs.

Keeping our streets and highways clean is an essential part of keeping our community and the environment moving forward. That’s why we gladly sponsor and regularly clean 3 locations of adopt-a-highway roads. It generates income for local projects, allows community members to give-back, protects wild animals, keeps our streams and rivers clean, and makes our community a more beautiful place to live.

Last, but not least Buds Garage was one of the first retail cannabis dispensaries to sponsor the Fisherman’s Village Festival presented by the Everett Music Initiative (EMI), right here in Everett in 2016, 2017 and 2018. By supporting the EMI we help to build community through their unforgettable musical performances, advocate and develop local artists, and contribute to the amplification of Everett’s identity as a destination for tourism.

buds store | recreational marijuana everett wa | pot shops near everett wa
buds store | recreational marijuana everett wa | pot shops near everett wa

Don’t Burnout. Light up!

Charitable Giving

Our story begins with the drive to help others.

buds store | recreational marijuana everett wa | pot shops near everett wa

Adopt-A-Highway (I-5)

buds store | recreational marijuana everett wa | pot shops near everett wa

Adopt a Street (Everett Avenue)

Everett Music Initiative

Fisherman’s Village Music Festival 2016

Fisherman’s Village Music Festival 2017

Fisherman’s Village Music Festival 2018

KSER 90.7

Wheels on the Waterfront Cancer Partnership

Everett Public Schools Foundation

Live in Everett

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The only lemons here come with haze

Whether we’ve sent you off feeling turbo-charged, or (heaven forbid) we’ve ground your gears, we want to hear from you. Learning about your experience is important to us. It helps us to tune-up where we’ve misfired and reward our team where there’s exemplary work and care for our customers. Do you have feedback about your interaction or compliments you want delivered to your budtender? You’re in the right place.
  • Angela

    Luv this place. Great selection, good prices. I will Definitely be going back…. Excellent display with their products, wide variety, wide selection. Some pretty cool pipes in a reasonable prices. Cartridges starting up 30 bucks not bad compared to some other smoke shops. If you’re ever in or near the ever area north Everett area you’ve got to go just a block or so off the freeway
  • Rebecca

    Love the people that work there!! All of them are knowledgeable and weather your spending 5$ or 200$ they treat you with respect and are very helpful! I don’t go anywhere else, I absolutely love BUDS GARAGE and I always recommend it for anyone and everyone, pretty sure they will have whatever you want, and if you don’t know what you want go talk to someone behind the counter and they will for sure help you figure out what you want and you will leave happy with whatever you decided on!!
  • Ashlee

    Great supply and lots of variety. The employees are nice and can be talkative while helping you pick out what you are looking for, they never steer you wrong. I love going in and enjoy the conversations and help.
  • Bud

    I love this dispensary and it’s appearance! Love the gas station / garage theme. Makes coming here a little more enjoyable! They have deals. Cannabis selection is good. Good hash & concentrate selection. Friendly Budtenders! Gets busy in here though
  • Patrick

    Awesome prices, great staff! Always so friendly and helpful! Great vibe in this place. Ordering online is easy. This is my preferred pot shop. I choose this place over any other, ESPECIALLY in Everott
  • Miles

    Cool place, really nice atmosphere. Real grassroots style handwritten pricing and stuff. Product is high quality and staff is really friendly. I’ll have to check out their glass shop too next time I’m there.