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Buds Best: Green Revolution


Your favorite Washington dispensary has joined forces with one of the highest-quality marijuana brands on the west coast, Green Revolution. Aiming to uphold and promote the values of cannabis to the world, Green Revolution is committed to developing honest products like fast-acting edibles for consumers through their rigorous quality control, high-end technology and extensive testing protocols. The Green Revolution mission combined with our commitment to shelving the best Washington cannabis brands and products is win-win for the weed-loving Everett community. Have you tried the Green Revolution Doozies edibles yet?! Green Revolution gummies just may be the strongest edibles in Washington!

The Strongest Edibles in Washington 

We understand the importance and value of safe, honest and reliable weed products, and we work with vendors who prioritize the same. Our partnership with Green Revolution is no exception. Green Revolutions creates cannabis products with organically-sourced materials that consumers trust. Buds Garage currently carries Green Revolution vape cartridges, tincture and weed gummies, also known as Doozies edibles.

Edible gummies are some of the trendiest weed products on the market currently — easy to use, discreet, effective and available in a variety of delicious flavors. Weed gummies also tend to react differently in the body than traditionally smoking cannabis. When cannabinoids are absorbed through the liver directly into the bloodstream via ingestion, the conversion creates a stronger effect of THC longer, subsequently adding to the intensity of the high. To boot, it doesn’t hurt that they are better for your body in the long run, as opposed to smoking or inhaling vapor.

While there is a lot to love about weed edibles, one of the drawbacks is the slow onset of effects many users experience. However, Green Revolution gummies are made with a synergetic extraction method that uses top-of-the-line UNET technology, blending the terpenes and cannabinoids with nano emulsification, which creates some of the strongest edibles in Washington with certifiably fast-acting and unbeatable results.

Doozies Edibles 

Buds Garage carries Green Revolution’s delicious, vegan-friendly Doozies edibles in a bunch of flavors including cherry, goldenberry, marionberry, mixed fruit and watermelon. Known as the next generation of cannabis edible gummies, Doozies are formulated with nanotechnology, thereby enhancing the product’s bioavailability to quicken the onset of effects faster than your average edible.

Each pack of Doozies edibles comes with 10 juicy clouds, far larger than most of their gummy counterparts. Doozies are available in varying degrees of THC and CBD ratios, allowing you the opportunity to choose exactly the kind of experience that best fits your needs or mood. In fact, Green Revolution labels their edibles on a scale system of four effect identifiers: Fly, Elevate, Chill and Relief. The scale is based on the likely resulting experiences given each product type’s terpene and cannabinoid profiles. The four branded effects give users an even more comfortable way to approach their fast-acting edibles lineup.

  • The Fly range products will have a more zippy experience with mostly sativa-based strains.
  • The Elevate products offer a hybrid balance of 1:1 THC to CBD content.
  • The Chill range is indica-based, promoting a laid back experience.
  • The Relief range offers a larger CBD to THC ratio, giving a highly soothing sensation.

Targeted experiences are great for consumers who don’t have a lot of strain knowledge or experience. If that sounds like you, start slow with weed gummies. Maybe only eat half at first and wait an hour, then eat the rest and wait some more. Doozies are super tasty! Beware of munchies and don’t forget you’re eating edibles!

Whether you’re looking to elevate your relaxation (Juicy Peach) or taste the Pacific Northwest while enjoying a well-crafted laid-back experience (Marionberry), there is a Doozie waiting to party with you at Buds Garage! And you’re in luck! There is no better time to give Green Revolution gummies a try this month with a spooky special on its way: Get 20% off all edibles on Halloween at Buds Garage!

Green Revolution Gummies

Alongside Green Revolution’s legendary Doozies edibles, Buds Garage also carries the Wildside infused cannabis shots, made with the same proprietary UNET nanotechnology to create fast-acting edibles. Transforming cannabis oil into water-soluble cannabis molecules allows the THC absorption to be expedited, maintaining consistency and efficacy of experiences across the board.

Wildside shots come in two-ounce containers, each with 100mg of THC, made with all three major strain types: indica, sativa and hybrid. Take your pick between the blue raspberry, lemon berry and mixed berry hybrids, the leon orange and raspberry sativas, or the lemonade indica.

Visit either our flagship Everett brick-and-mortar or our second location in Birch Bay. Check out our extensive menu and try Green Revolution for a quick and easy pick-up! Shop our inventory of quality cannabis products, and let’s get high!