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Buds Best: BudCo Farms WA


Buds Brands’ feature this week is none other than the gem of the Northwest US, BudCo Farms cannabis brand from Spokane WA. Established in 2015, BudCo Farms in Washington state has been upholding the “Integrity of the Garden” principle as their guiding light for all products and processes. Quality craft cannabis is the name of their game, as all their products are ethically sourced to guarantee safe, satisfying results every time. Read below for more information about the BudCo Farms products available at Buds Garage Everett and Birch Bay menus.

BudCo Farms Cannabis

What we love most about BudCo Farms cannabis is that their flower products reflect the energy of the Pacific Northwest in a classy, no-nonsense approach. Each product type is labeled with a color indicating the main sensation you can expect from consuming it, such as energy, euphoria, relaxation and CBD. Likewise, each product’s strain classification is clearly labeled with S, H or I for sativa, hybrid or indica, respectively. These labels give consumers all the important info right at their fingertips so they can choose the bud that’s best for them and their needs.

We are proud to carry multiple strain options in one-gram and four-gram nug packs at our Everett location, including:

  • Euphoric: Debatably the broadest of the classification categories, Euphoric can consist of sativa, hybrid and indica strains, all of which tend to produce feelings of contentment, glee and ecstasy. Any of these corresponding products are fantastic for elevating just about any situation’s mood. The identifying colors for Euphoric on the BudCo Farms labels are bright pink and cool blue. These potent strains include the 22% Hybrid Apple Fritter (Sour Apple x Animal Cookies) and the 22% Hybrid Crunch Berry Kush (Blueberry x Triple OG Kush).
  • Energize: Mostly consisting of sativa-dominant strains with terpene profiles that inspire vigor and energy, the Energize product line is excellent for starting your day high and bright. The Energize products can be identified by their combination of orange, yellow and blue pattern packaging. Buds Garage currently stocks the zippy 19.8% sativa Blackberry Punch (NYCD x Blackberry Kush), and 22% dank hybrid Cherry Chem (Cherry Pie x Chemdogg).
  • Relax: This laid-back group of strains is almost exclusively indica-dominant, giving users noticeable body highs and deep sensations of physical release. These are recommended for use later in the day as you’re winding down to dive into a fully relaxed state for the evening. Decorated in tones of electric and cool blues, you can find Relax flower products at Buds Garage, including 20% indica Grape Ape (Mendocino Purps x Skunk #1 x Afghani), and 20% indica Krypt Keeper (Grape Stomper x OG Grape Krypt).

BudCo Farms Spokane Pre-Rolls

If you’re on the go with no room in your bags for a glass piece, or simply prefer the classic feel of holding a joint between your fingers, Buds Garage Birch Bay has your back. Our menu hosts three of the best BudCo Farms from Spokane WA premium Pacific Northwest-grown .6 and .7g prerolls for your convenience and pleasure:

  • Dark Side of the Moon: A 22% relaxing indica strain (Green Ribbon x Spirit of the Sky) has a lovely, deep and dank approach as you first take a drag, then finishes with a tangy limonene terpene flavor to keep your mouth watering for more.
  • Baby Yoda: This 24% euphoric hybrid (Master Yoda x OG Kush) has a depth of sweetness to its taste paired with what some call a tingly sensation before feelings of focus, weightlessness and sedation kick in.
  • Durban Poison: A spicy 24% energizing sativa (Landrace) like no other, its sweet smell is almost as intoxicating as its sharp energetic effects. Perfect for a wake-n-bake session or settling in to get some work done…you can’t go wrong with Durban Poison.

Goodies from BudCo Farms, WA

More miscellaneous treats at Buds Garage Everett from BudCo Farms Washington include their stunning CBD options. Two CBD strains currently in the lineup are .6g Sour Tsunami #3 (THC 11%, CBD 15%) and Sweet Aloe (THC 10%, CBD 11.5%) pre-rolls and the beautifully fluffy Kush Batter 1g kief extract (THC 63%, CBD 0.2%)

BudCo Farms cannabis has much to offer, starting with simplifying and optimizing the customer purchasing experience and ending at the exquisite, clean high for all with the “Integrity of the Garden” principle always at the top of the mind. Find BudCo products at Buds Garage Birch Bay or Everett locations or at the main BudCo Farms Spokane brick-and-mortar store here. Show some love and give them a shoutout on Instagram at @budcofarms, with hashtags #budcofam and #wherethebuds grow.