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Buds Best: High End Farms


We feel pretty dang lucky to be surrounded by so many small growers here in Washington. When you have fewer plants to tend, you can ensure they all get the utmost care and become the highest quality plants. High End Farms is one such gem. In fact, their name says it all! High End Farms’ diamond quality cannabis is a premium product grown, hand-trimmed and cured with the utmost care.

Sustainably grown from seed

At High End Farms, they understand that not all cannabis is created equal. That’s why they take the time to cultivate premium strains using top-notch growing techniques. The result is a product that’s not only visually stunning, but has a potent and rich flavor profile.

We don’t expect you to know everything about how your bud is grown, but it’s pretty common for plants to be propagated by taking grafts, or “clones,” from healthy, established plants. This ensures strong genetics in the new plant, which will produce buds quicker than a plant grown from seed. 

At High End Farms in WA, however, the head grower takes a more traditional approach. He prefers to hand-pick the best seeds from exceptional plants (called pheno hunting) and germinate them himself. As the little plants grow, he carefully selects the strongest plants and nurtures them to thriving maturity. Their look, taste and smell rivals that of any clipped clone, and we think it may be because of the extra love from High End Farms. 

To get such healthy plants, High End Farms uses an all-natural process. The plants live indoors to ensure an ideal growing environment with year-round production, but the team makes every effort to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Their living-soil system uses all organic amendments and the soil is then reused for new plants after harvesting. They don’t use any pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, humidified water is recaptured, and all lighting is energy efficient. The care High End Farms in WA puts into their plants shows, as do their efforts to keep our planet happy. 

Beautiful buds

OK, we’ve made it pretty clear that the growers at High End Farms know what they’re doing. They love their bud! Here’s what their growers say about their process: 

“Plants are tended and trained individually by hand to allow the growers to have a constant eye on the product. This also allows for trichomes to be monitored for peak maturity so plants can be harvested at the best possible time for flavor and quality. Once harvested, buds are line-dried and slower cured to maximize terpene retention and smoothness” (source).

If we’ve convinced you that you need to try High End Farms in Bellingham, we’ve got some beauties for you to try! At Buds Garage Everett, we’ve got Blueberry Pie, Lemon Skunk and Apple Jax, while Birch Bay only has Apple Jax on the menu for now. Here are the important details about all three types of flower: 

Blueberry Pie | Indica 25% THC

Blueberry Pie is an optimistic, mood-inducing, euphoric, social and just a touch distracting (huh?), indica-dominant evening hybrid “All-World” coupling of Blue Dream and Girl Scout Cookies. Not recommended for low-tolerance consumers, this (people swear) sweet, blueberry pie-tasting strain often numbs and soothes the body as it ultimately produces a restful slumber.

Lemon Skunk | Hybrid 22% THC

Lemon Skunk is a 60/40 sativa-dominant, early-afternoon hybrid with, as its name implies, an unmistakable skunk-y, zesty lemon drop aroma and taste. The reported union of two separate Skunk strains, this moderately potent, mood-elevating hybrid often provokes self-examination and hunger all while shortening the attention span (Squirrel!) and gradually numbing the body.

Apple Jax | Hybrid 21% THC

Apple Jax is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Jack Herer and White Widow. This potent strain provides uplifting and soothing effects. Apple Jack is ideal for medical marijuana patients and consumers managing chronic pain or nausea. This strain features a flavor profile that is skunky and earthy with undertones of sliced apple (source).

Try High End Farms in Bellingham

We’re excited to see more of what comes from High End Farms right here in Bellingham. They are so close to our shops that the product is always fresh, delicious and doesn’t disappoint. Connect with High End Farms on Facebook.

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That’s it for this month’s edition of Buds Best, where we keep you up to date on local growers, share what’s new on our shelves and recommend our favorite sustainable cannabis to you. Do you have a brand you’d like to know more about or wish we carried? Give us a shout!