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Buds Best: Smokey Point Productions


Welcome to Buds Brands, the series that explores our favorite Washington cannabis flower, concentrate and more. This time around, we’re packing up a bowl of some Smokey Point weed, a premium cannabis flower grown right here in the Evergreen State. Let’s hit the road!

A Local Flower to Love

At Buds Garage, we love our local producers, and we only park the highest quality local flower on our shelves — sub-par imposters are impounded. Smokey Point Productions passes all of our pre-smoke tests with flying colors. Some of the things we love most about Smokey Point weed include:

  • The gardeners at Smokey Point Productions only hand-water and hand-trim their plants so each one gets tender loving care. 
  • SPP is an organic grow-show.
  • Cleanliness is next to godliness, and their state-of-the-art facility is spic and span. (A mechanic is only as good as his garage, after all.)
  • Harmful pesticides? Hard pass.
  • They don’t rush the process, but rather slowly cold-cure their premium flower for maximum expression of terpenes.

These guys love their plants, and the care that goes into growing their Washington cannabis flower comes through in the smoking experience. It’s always a flavorful, smooth and consistent toke.

The Smokey Point Difference

Smokey Point Productions has been around since 2014, and they are a business that cares about its products and its people. Since Buds Garage is a pretty tight family unit, we love brands that make a great work environment just as big of a priority as a great product. They believe that when you invest in good people, everyone wins.

Smokey Point weed is tended to like a garden, not a factory. Impersonal, automated agriculture has no place there. They treat their grows like a pristine Eden that must be preserved, and they take precautionary steps to ensure it stays that way. Gardeners receive clean uniforms daily, shower before entering, and undergo months of training before being left alone with the plants.

The plants themselves get nothing but the best treatment too. They use seven different predator organisms to avoid having to use harmful chemical pesticides, and the relationship between the organisms and plants creates a happy, symbiotic relationship. Being so close to the Cascade Mountains, the plants are hand-watered with some of the purest water in the entire country. 

Signature Strains of Premium Flower

There is nothing wrong with growing a tried-and-true cannabis strain, especially when the plants are cared for properly. At Smokey Point Productions, they grow signature (and signature hybrid) strains of Washington cannabis flower whose genetics are closely guarded. Check out the profiles of some of our favorites that we carry: 

  • Blueberry Pancakes – This pure strain comes with the prominent terpene myrcene. An Indica-dominant hybrid tastes curiously (and deliciously) like blueberry pancakes. The aroma comes across as a combination of blueberries, grape, and dough with flavors of syrup and tarp berry. Your blueberry pancake breakfast will leave you with a relaxing, physical buzz perfect for calming aches, pains, insomnia and nausea.
  • Ice Cream Cake – A cross of Wedding Cake and Gelato #33, you can expect the dominant terpene limonene to shine. It’s an indica strain with sedating effects and a creamy flavor profile reminiscent of vanilla cookie dough. This strain is perfect when you need to shut down and zone out.
  • Lodi Dodi – This pure strain has a dominant terpinolene terpene. It’s sativa-dominant and exclusively bred by Smokey Point Productions. The genetic heritage is undefined and kept secret. The flavor is a sweet, unique combination of tropical fruit and wildflowers with a pungent aroma. The buzz can be defined as cerebral, creative and energetic.
  • Infused Joints Smokey Point not only carries the best local flower and pre-rolls, they’ve leveled up with infused joints. These are packed with their best buds and finished off with a sprinkle of 0.20 grams of in-house extracted shatter. This means some pre-rolls clock in at a hefty 43% THC content. For an extra special high, look for their signature strain pre-rolls in tubes with bright yellow ends. You can find all Smokey Point’s signature strains in infused joints, along with the crowd pleasers Triangle Mints (18% THC), Durban Cookies (43% THC) and Amnesia Haze (28& THC). 

Local Premium Cannabis Flower

At Buds Garage, we understand passion and drive. When nothing but the purest, cleanest, highest performing will do, consider Smokey Point Productions. Smokey Point weed embodies everything we love about the Washington cannabis industry. Drive up to Buds and roll out with SPP.