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Buds Best: Hiking Trails Near Everett Washington


Why is hiking fun? Some people think of hiking as an incredibly strenuous climb and maybe even beyond their abilities. But while many people choose challenging hikes for the thrill and the exercise, hiking can also be a far more casual activity. Hiking by definition is really just taking a long walk along a trail while enjoying the nature around you. With so much beauty in Everett and across Washington, it’s time to reexamine your preconceptions about hiking and explore some of the nearby amazing and wondrous terrain. In fact, it’s not just time — it’s high time! Keep reading to get the best hiking trails near Everett WA and tips for hiking while high!

Cannabis and Exercise: Hiking While High

If you’re someone who enjoys getting high, hiking and cannabis consumption go hand-in-hand. While smoking alone or with friends while chilling at home is all well and good, there’s a lot to be said for leaving the confines of the house and breathing fresh air — and cannabis can add a lot to the outdoor experience. Hiking while high is a great way to get into the moment, and your body, and quiet your mind while you focus on the experience of just immersing yourself in nature. There’s something downright spiritual about hiking a summit, or traveling along a river, or even just lying in a field of wildflowers. Everyone deserves to experience the great outdoors — and cannabis can enhance the adventure.

Optimum Trails

There truly is nothing like the breathtaking beauty to be found in Everett, WA, and hiking is a great way to see it firsthand. There are scenic hiking trails near Everett WA for all fitness levels and intensities, but here are some of the best for beginners. 

  • Jetty Island: Super great for beginners, this is an easy out-and-back 0.6-mile trail that only takes about 10 minutes or so to complete. This is a boat-in-only beach hike, and the Port of Everett has a ferry that makes runs to the island daily. Manmade and built about 100 years ago, the whole island is only two miles long and is considered one of the best beaches in North Sound. 
  • Spencer Island Park: One of the best hiking trails near Everett WA is one that you’ve probably driven right past every time you drive by Everett on I-5. Generally considered to be fairly easy, this 4.4-mile loop trail takes about 60 to 90 minutes to complete. With views of Mount Baker and Mount Pilchuck on a clear day, being near the Snohomish River delta makes it one of the best places on the North Sound for bird watching as well.
  • Lord Hill Park: With more than 6 miles of a variety of designated hiking trails that wind through this 1,463-acre nature preserve, this hike is still considered an easy one. Nestled between Monroe and Snohomish, this evergreen forest is full of marshy glens where wildflowers and berries grow, and it contains so much animal life that you may even see a family of beavers constructing a dam.

For a more challenging climb with moderate to advanced trails, consider Lime Kiln Trailhead. While it is definitely not for the faint of heart, it does offer a great photo op at the lime kiln. (As always, do not leave valuables in your car!)

Why is hiking fun?!

Why is hiking fun? Well, it’s a way to remind yourself that there is more to life than just four walls and ringing phones and endless emails to answer. It is a chance to see yourself as just one small part of a much bigger picture, and to get outside of a building (and yourself) and live your best life. It is a chance to breathe again. To get out of that seated position and move your body. Cannabis and exercise are definitely something you should consider treating yourself to this weekend — but there are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Be smart, careful and considerate. While the state of Washington has legalized cannabis for recreational use, marijuana is still considered illegal at the federal level. Since a National Park is considered federal land, you have to be discreet if that’s where you choose to hike. Other people, especially those with children, may not want to be forced to smell your herb. And be careful — as a single ember or carelessly discarded roach can cause precious acres to go up in flames. There are hefty fines if you get caught sparking up in any place that bans smoking, so you may want to consider edibles or even a vape.
  • Pick the right strain. Sativa and sativa-hybrid strains are definitely the way to go. You want a strain that will keep you energized and motivated, not sleepy. The best cannabis strain for hiking will give you mental clarity and allow you to fully appreciate nature while still being able to make good decisions. In general, citrus-tasting strains are great as are all “diesel” strains.
  • Be prepared, and don’t overdo it. Don’t just get high and “wing it” — set your trails in advance, make sure you have maps marked, and don’t just rely on your phone and potentially iffy reception. Make sure you tell someone in advance where you’re going. And remember that the goal is not to get totally wasted — it’s to enhance your hike with cannabis. Know your limits… you can always have more! Bring plenty of water with you, in fact, bring more than you think you’ll need. Hiking can be dehydrating, as can cannabis and exercise. Drink before you set off, and then consume at least one liter of water for every hour of hiking. Sip slowly and don’t chug. Swirl it around in your mouth to refresh your gums.

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