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Buds Brands: Seattle’s Private Reserve

September 7, 2022

This week Buds Brands is featuring Seattle’s Private Reserve, premium pesticide tested products you can trust. Seattle’s Private Reserve is a favorite in the Washington state cannabis space, producing hand-trimmed, cold-cured, craft cannabis products. SPR creates must-try vapes, pre rolls, extracts and cannabis flower for customers who want a superb cannabis experience. Learn more about products from Seattle’s Private Reserve, and check out our SPR suggestions.

Seattle’s Private Reserve Flower

One of our favorite things about the flower from Seattle’s Private Reserve is that each and every nnug is hand-trimmed. They never use machines during processing to avoid potential damage to the flower and to best maintain the plant’s trichomes. Buds Garage is proud to carry several strain options at both our Everett and Birch Bay locations including:

  • Legalized OG (Everett): Legalized OG, also sometimes referred to as the $100 OG, is a potent, high THC flower that gives users a mind-calming and body-affecting high. This fan favorite strain packs a punch and is a 50/50 Indica Sativa mix. 
  • Orangeade (Birch Bay): This Sativa forward strain is the go-to flower if you are looking for something to smoke during the day that won’t make you feel completely couch-locked. We recommend this one to customers looking for a midday smoking experience. 
  • Driving Miss Daisy (Everett): If you’re looking for an Indica-dominant strain that can be enjoyed day or night, look no further than Driving Miss Daisy! Providing a blissful, energetic but focused high, this customer favorite is wonderful no matter what time of the day you plan to light up. 

Seattle’s Private Reserve Farms Pre Rolls

Who doesn’t love a good cannabis pre roll pack? The Seattle’s Private Reserve Farms pre rolls are a solid option for cannabis flower on the go. One of our favorite things about these pre rolls is they come in variety packs (as well as standard packs), which is a fantastic way to try more than one strain. Like the rest of the Seattle’s Private Reserve products, the flower used in the pre rolls is hand-trimmed to ensure the highest quality. Seattle’s Private Reserve Farms pre rolls are available in both two-pack and five-pack options. Some fun SPR pre roll options:

  • Banana Punch (Everett): This Indica dominant pre roll is for you if you want a relaxing, tranquil experience. With hints of banana and candies, this truly exceptional strain is great for a weekend at the cabin or unwinding at the end of a long workday. 
  • G Cut (Birch Bay and Everett): If you are someone who enjoys an indica dominant strain that smells earthy, this relaxing pre roll is the one you want! Available at both Buds Garage Birch Bay and Everett locations, Seattle’s Private Reserve Farms pre rolls pack are great for exploring nature or enjoying chill time with friends.

Seattle’s Private Reserve Extracts

Seattle’s Private Reserve Extracts are a must-try if your vibe is live resin concentrates. What we admire most about Seattle’s Private Reserve extracts is the hydrocarbon extraction method they use when extracting the product. This sophisticated method refines and purifies the product, removing any isolated solvents and giving users the purest possible product. Some of our favorite Seattle’s Private Reserve extracts include:

  • Cookies OG (Everett): This high THC live resin terp batter gives users a very smooth dab due to its doughy or batter-like consistency, and it packs a punch!
  • Mixed Fruit (Everett): Yet another fantastic high-THC option (83% to be exact) is our go-to option for experienced cannasseurs. Filled with flavorful terpenes, this terp wax is sure to satisfy.

Seattle’s Private Reserve Vape

If you stick to cannabis vapes, Seattle’s Private Reserve has you covered. Seattle’s Private Reserve specializes in live resin vape cartridges. Unlike regular vape cartridges, SPR live resin vape cartridges are for real! The live resin used is also extracted using the hydrocarbon extraction method, making them free of solvents. Check out:

  • Banana Slamma (Everett): This relatively high-THC (58%) live resin cartridge is a fantastic and delicious option if you want something strong on the go.

Whether you’re shopping for flower, pre rolls, concentrates or live resin vape cartridges, Seattle’s Private Reserve has plenty of options. Visit Seattle’s Private Reserve to learn more. Buds Garage Everett and Birch Bay locations are proud to carry pesticide-free products by Seattle’s Private Reserve! Buds Garage is your one-stop cannabis shop. Serving Washington since 2013, we have a passion for people and good cannabis! Shop our online menus or drive by one of our dispensaries today.

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