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Enjoy Local Family Craft Cannabis with 1937 Farms

As the premier recreational cannabis dispensary in Everett and Birch Bay, Buds Garage takes pride in not only offering the absolute best in quality cannabinoid therapeutics but in supporting and working directly with Washington’s best local farmers. Today, we’re featuring one of Buds Best: 1937 Farms. With their family craft cannabis farm in the foothills of western Washington’s Snoqualmie Valley, 1937 Farms cultivates legendary strains of professional-grade cannabis without the use of pesticides. 1937 cannabis is available in craft flower, carts, pre-rolls and extracts, and Buds Garage is beyond pleased to offer them on our carefully curated menu.

The Story Behind 1937 Farms

Founded in 2014 by Jeffrey and Matt McCoy, 1937 Farms is a family-run operation with a hands-on approach that involves relatives and friends in their Washington community to care for the farm’s cannabis plants on a daily basis. They believe it is that kind of special dedication and love that results in cannabis flower that looks beautiful, tastes fantastic and produces a stellar high.

With a decades-long love of cannabis, 1937 Farm’s Head of Cultivation Jeffrey McCoy had his first growing experience during his junior year of high school, when he was an avid surfer growing up in Southern California. He quickly fell in love with the cultivation process and the product he could provide to rising football star brother Matt, who used it to deal with pain experienced after gameplay.

With Matt eventually playing in the NFL while Jeffrey became a financial advisor and recreational cannabis not yet being legalized in the US, neither brother ever dreamed that they would actually become part of the cannabis industry — until 2012 when everything changed for Washington state with Initiative 502. It was then that Matt contacted Jeffrey with a plan to apply for a cultivation license. They ended up winning said license in 2014 and spent another few years obtaining all the necessary permits to begin the operation that is now known as 1937 Farms. The number 1937 references the year of the Marihuana Tax Act, a law passed when a small, influential group of cannabis prohibitionists used their potent propaganda to turn a household remedy into a punishable offense. 1937 Farms believes in the power of cannabis to right those historical wrongs, as they stand for cannabis wellness, social justice and equality for all.

What Makes 1937 Cannabis Special?

1937 Farms cultivates their family craft cannabis by utilizing a hybrid hydro process. Their 100 percent climate-controlled, state-of-the-art facility uses organic soil for the cannabis plant’s vegetative stage before transitioning to hydroponics for the plant’s flowering stage.

With complete climate and atmospheric control, 1937 Farms produces the highest quality flower possible — and then takes it a step further with an operation that is completely chemical and pesticide-free. Unlike other companies that make use of harsh solvents, 1937 Farms takes a natural approach to pest control by involving ladybugs, beetles and nematodes to keep pests away.

1937 Farms hand-selects some of their favorite strains from history and then slows their process using extended cure times to create richer flavors and deeper aromatics for an enhanced terpene profile unlike anything else out there.

1937 Cannabis Cannabis Products

1937 Farms takes pride in its roots, both literally and figuratively. Through strong attention to detail and 20+ years of experience in both biochemistry and botany, this family craft cannabis farm provides consistency and quality with every single one of their products. With multiple offerings at any given time, 1937 Farms stays ahead of fads and selects quality genetics that they believe their customers will enjoy. Jeffrey’s rule of thumb is to simply select strains that he loves to smoke.

1937 Marijuana Flower

Packed in premium airtight glass jars, 1937 Farm flower is the best of the best cannabis in a container you will use and reuse long after your bud is gone. Current strains that are flying off the Buds Garage shelves include Tropicana Cookies, Slurty3 and Rainbow Sherbert #11.

1937 Craft THC Carts

Whether you are looking for a disposable vape cartridge or craft weed pen, 1937 carts offer a new level of excellence. Not all craft carts weed are created equally. 1937 carts start with the same legendary flower you’ve come to know and love, then utilize a blend of full-spectrum distillate and concentrated oil for tasty craft THC carts, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

1937 Farms delivers concentrates at their finest. Current strains that are flying off the Buds Garage shelves are Banana Bread and Gangsta Bird. Drive by and grab a 1937 craft weed pen!

1937 Premium Pre-rolls

Pre-rolls allow you to enjoy the 1937 Farms flower you love in a convenient, hand-rolled form to take along with you wherever adventure leads. It’s those same legendary 1937 Farms strains all wrapped up and ready to go. Pick up a two-pack of pre-rolled cones for yourself or to share with someone you love. Current strains that are flying off the Buds Garage shelves include Cherry Paloma and Ice Cream Cake Runtz.

1937 Cannabis Extracts

With hashes crafted for purity by clean-pressing flower kief and rosins made through a technique that extracts oils from the plant without any use of solvents, the lab at 1937 Farms uses their unparalleled strains to create concentrates that provide a powerful high you can trust time after time. Current strains flying off the Buds Garage shelves are Mimosa and Gelato.

Craft Cannabis Flower and Carts in Everett

Buds Garage is proud to partner with 1937 Farms in its quest to protect the vitality of our planet by growing cannabis in a clean, sustainable way. Buds knows that utilizing natural growing practices and tactics makes for a better world and a better industry.

At Buds Garage, we care about our clients’ health and never put anything on our menu that we can’t stand behind. With the best strains and products, educated budtenders and customer service interactions based on kindness and respect, Buds Garage delivers a top-notch experience from start to finish. Curious newcomer or seasoned connoisseur, drive on into Buds Garage for a 1937 Farms craft weed pen, craft carts weed or premium flower buds.