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How to Clean a Dab Rig

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast who is looking for a smokable marijuana product that packs a real punch, you need weed dabs and a rig! While dab rigs may seem intimidating if you haven’t maneuvered one on your own before, they are actually a breeze to use and don’t require much upkeep other than routine cleaning. Let’s go under the hood of the rig, how to clean a dab rig, methods for dab rig cleaning and types of dab rig cleaner. Then check out our weed dabs and concentrate deals!

How is a dab rig different from a bong? 

For those new to the dab rig scene, you may wonder how the experience differs from that of a bong. With dab rigs, instead of smoking flower out of a bowl, you are melting and smoking a weed dab in a small bowl called a dab nail or banger. Since weed dabs are made out of a concentrate, they are also significantly stronger than regular flower — a little goes a long way!

Why dab rig cleaning is important

Just like any other pipe or bong, creating a regular cleaning schedule for your dab rig is important for the longevity of the rig itself, but also for the health of the user to ensure a clean smoking experience. Best-case scenario, dab rig cleaning should happen at the end of each session. Irregular cleaning can cause bacteria and resin buildup and tarnish the flavor of your favorite weed dabs.

Dab rig cleaner vs. at-home ingredients

Dab rigs usually come in one of two materials, either all-glass or partial glass and partial silicone, and that will dictate the best type of dab rig cleaner to use. For all-glass rigs, you can make a cleaning solution at home with:

  • isopropyl alcohol
  • rock salt or coarse sea salt

If you have a dab rig with silicone parts, you may want to invest in a specially formulated rig cleaning solution, as the mixture listed above will damage the silicone on a rig.

In addition to a cleaning solution, you will also need cotton swabs and/or a cleaning brush, and a resealable bag or reusable plastic container with lid.

How to clean a dab rig 

Glass Rigs: First, remove the banger nail or cup, put it in a container of your choice with isopropyl alcohol and coarse sea salt or rock salt. Gently swish the bag or container before letting it soak. If your rig is particularly dirty, after soaking and rinsing, you may need to use a cotton swab and gently clean away any remaining residue.

To clean the body of the rig, remove all water in the rig. Use the same isopropyl alcohol and salt mixture to gently soak and swish inside the rig. Then thoroughly wash the rig and the banger nail or cup with soap and water to ensure the isopropyl alcohol and salt are completely rinsed out.

Silicone Rig Parts: The process for cleaning silicone pieces is similar to glass, except instead of using the isopropyl alcohol and salt mixture, you should use a specialized dab rig cleaner. Soak the banger nail or cup in the cleaning solution and gently remove any excess residue with a cotton swab or brush. 

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We covered how to clean a dab rig, smart dab rig cleaning methods and weed dab ideas and menu — are you ready? Fuel up at our Everett or Birch Bay location today! If you’re in a hurry, order online and do a quick pick-up. Let’s ride!