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How to Choose the Best Dispensary in Washington State

September 21, 2022

Washington state is known for its beautiful national parks, agriculture and the birthplace of the Starbucks coffee shop empire. However, the state poignantly nicknamed the “Evergreen State” is also known and loved for another significant reason — pot. As one of the two first states to legalize cannabis, Washtonians have been able to purchase legal cannabis from a WA dispensary since the latter part of 2012. Now, in 2022, patients and consumers have access to more than 500 recreational dispensaries in the state of Washington. When searching for the best dispensary in Washington state, consider these five things to ensure you have a pleasant experience. Let’s review what to look for to find the best in marijuana stores Washington offers for you and your needs!

  • The Personality of the Dispensary

There should absolutely be trusted, tested products available at a recreational dispensary in Washington, but another important feature that many dispensaries forget is the environment and personality of their storefront. When looking for the best dispensary in Washington state,  look for a fun atmosphere and an educated and patient staff to guide your cannabis buying experience. Not only do customers better enjoy their experience, but the personality of the dispensary is highly influential in their decision to  return to a specific dispensary. Kindness matters. Especially with apprehensive patients or customers new to cannabis entirely. 

  • Quality Product Availability

In order to be the best dispensary in Washington State, there needs to be a variety of quality cannabis products available to consumers. Not all dispensaries are created equal and quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality — and vice versa. Some of the most popular marijuana stores in Washington are mom-and-pop shops known to have quality, tested cannabis products behind their counters. Consumers not only rely on it, they respect it. Buds Garage, with locations in Everett and Birch Bay, works directly with Washington’s best farmers to stock strains and brands you won’t find in other local dispensaries.

  • Location and Convenience 

As previously mentioned, there are more than 500 licensed marijuana stores in Washington state, so it is likely that consumers will first search for the closest dispensary to their home or workplace. While the convenience and location may be the first introduction to your dispensary, consumers will likely return for their overall experience. While many dispensaries will get someone in the door for convenience, they keep them with genuine service.

  • Does the Dispensary Give Back to the Community?

For many consumers, locating and supporting a WA dispensary that gives back to the community is as important as the personality, product availability and location of the dispensary. Buds Garage is a proud supporter of Providence Regional Cancer Partnership, which supports cancer patients, their families and cancer research. We also support our local Public School Foundation and local Everett arts and music events. When a dispensary is committed to uplifting the community through social and environmental impact initiatives, many customers feel better about spending their dollars there.

  • Reviews Matter

Researching a dispensary first can provide insight into the experience you will likely have at a particular dispensary. Reviews often give prospective shoppers an idea of product selection, the knowledge of budtenders, and the overall personality of a dispensary. Whether you are reading reviews on Google and Weedmaps, or hearing a first-hand account from a friend, reviews are the lifeblood of any business. When you love your experience at a WA dispensary, it is always helpful to leave a review to help other consumers on the hunt for the best medicinal or recreational dispensary in Washington!

When choosing the best medicinal or recreational dispensary in Washington, it’s worth shopping at a variety of dispensaries to compare and enjoy some of Washington’s best cannabis products. While there are many dispensaries to choose from, both Buds Garage locations top the list of best marijuana stores Washington offers! For more information on our commitment to quality products, friendly staff, and the commitment to ethical farmers and the community as a whole, read the top 5 reasons to buy cannabis at Buds Garage!

Buds Garage is a local recreational dispensary in Washington with a garage theme offering a wide range of quality cannabis products with locations in Everett and Birch Bay, Washington. We can’t wait to see you!

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