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Looking for a Luxurious Smoke? Check Out Dawg Star Cannabis!

Coming in hot with another Washington-based fan favorite, Dawg Star is taking the reins this summer with its commitment to hand-grown premium cannabis. Known for its indoor-grown, hand-trimmed, masterfully-cured bud, Dawg Star cannabis flower has earned a reputation for producing top-tier cannabis strains and establishing itself as a prominent player in the Washington State weed market.

Stars in the Cannabis Industry

Cutting their teeth on growing recreational cannabis in Seattle in 2011, Dawg Star was the first to be licensed as an I-502 producer, making a name for themselves in the industry. By 2017, the GG #4 strain took home the Dope Cup for Most Potent Flower, landing them as one of the top destinations for Kush Tourism, a tour guide service that allows visitors from all around the globe to get a closer look behind the scenes of the cannabis industry.

Dawg Star weed has streamlined its processes to manage the top 12 strains available and produce the best quality possible. Likewise, Dawg Star makes sure to utilize all of the living plant material, developing product lines with various pricing points, resulting in more accessible high-quality cannabis for all kinds of consumers.

They also understand that the secret to damn good weed is in the curing process. Dawg Star recognizes that managing the moisture level throughout the curing process (which is another word for drying the weed) is vital to maintaining the strains’ tastes by giving the sugars and starches time to break down while the flavor and potency mature. This process of curing their cannabis for at least 30 days helps guarantee that the results are always as intended, letting all the natural flavors and fragrances come through while keeping that high-potency punch we all love. Did we mention all of Dawg Star’s flower is trim and filler-free, too?

The respect the grow team at Dawg Star has for the art of cannabis production is truly second to none, as they genuinely treat the plant as a gift from the gods. In fact, their commitment to quality can be seen in every facet of their business, including their logo! The Dog Star itself is otherwise known as Sirius, the “highest” and brightest star in the night sky. Likewise, the ancient Egyptians believed that cannabis was brought from the dog gods Horus and Anubis, and used it as a plant medicine for thousands of years.

Enhance Your Mood, Stimulate Your Mind or Relax Your Body

Needless to say, Dawg Star knows what’s up when it comes to providing a quality product for weed lovers to enjoy. Their offerings of pre-rolls and rosin-infused 1g blunts leave little to be desired and offer versatility for every smoker.

Their infused blunts are rolled in all-natural tea leaves that are tobacco-free and wrapped to perfection, guaranteeing a smooth, slow burn smoke with an undefeated taste time and time again. Likewise, these blunts are covered with rosin specific to the flower strain and coated in kief, promising a high as cohesive as it is powerful, and not to be taken lightly!

Dawg Star flower keeps it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for to fit their needs, as their products are labeled based on the experience you’ll have.


Their uplifting hybrid strains are colored with a blue label. Each “mood” is specifically bred to combine the positive traits of both parent strains for a perfect balance. Alleviate your stress, anxiety, and low moods while feeling a pleasant sense of relaxation and contentment. Mood products offer versatility in terms of differing potential effects. Some are more brightening and suitable for daytime use, while others may be more calming and appropriate for evening relaxation.


Red labels represents the sativa-dominant strains, which have more energetic and invigorating qualities that keep you functional and engaged throughout the day. A boost of creative stimulation and mental clarity coupled with cerebral effects can enhance focus, imagination, concentration and even productivity.


Their indica-dominant breeds are colored with a green label and provide tranquil, calming feelings for the user. Excellent to use before bed, these strains give a lovely unwinding body buzz with mellow mental effects.

Dawg Star Cannabis Everett

You can find Dawg Star flower at Buds Garage’s Everett location, particularly the Stifler’s Mom 1g Body product at 22% THC content. More Dawg Star cannabis Everett products feature their .5g pre-rolls, including two from the Body line, Blueberry Cupcake and Old Fashioned Cookies, both with more than 25% THC content. The two Mood-line pre-rolls are Apple Jacks and OG Sunny Sherb, both at above 23% THC content. Finally, you can find four rosin-infused 1g blunts in Lemon Drop, Carrot Cake, Blueberry Cupcake and Reindeer Breath.

Order Dawg Star Cannabis in Everett or Birch Bay to experience Dawg Star quality in action!