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Hot off the Press.

When we have things to say, we like to be like a good mechanic – short, sweet, and to the point. We won’t give you the runaround, over-sell, or try to confuse you with overly-complicated jargon. Come to the blog page to keep a lookout for holiday announcements and in-store specials for both our Everett and Birch Bay locations.

Enjoy a Healthier Smoke with Pesticide-Free Cannabis in Everett, WA

Regulating pesticides in the cannabis industry is a complex challenge. The federal illegality of cannabis restricts the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from overseeing pesticide use on cannabis plants. Consequently, local state government agencies are left to determine the methodology behind safe, clean cannabis cultivation and product sales. This blog will dive into the world of […]

Buds Best: Legit Gold

At Buds Garage, we serve our customers with the most legit products, day in and day out. This includes this month’s Buds Best spotlight: the one and only Legit Cannabis Co. Their elite products, including their shining Legit Gold pre-rolls and premium infused joints, truly elevate the cannabis experience to a whole new level. Not […]

Best Cannabis Strains for the Spring Season [2023]

After what felt like an extra long winter here in the Pacific Northwest, spring has finally sprung (between the clouds) and we couldn’t be more ready for it with the best cannabis strains for spring season! Spring is a time when the days become longer and the weather becomes warmer. It’s also a time of […]

Buds Best: 5th House Farms

You know that when you come to Buds, you’re about to get some of Washington’s best cannabis. We pride ourselves on having the top-of-the-line products and supporting those top-of-the-line producers.  This week’s Buds Brands feature is 5th House Farms, a company whose integrity shines as strongly as their cannabis is dank. Specializing in small-batch harvests […]

Buds Favorite Method to Light Up Your 420

The greatest day of the year is here! And no better way to start your day than shopping our annual 420 sales! Buds Garage is revving up to spread 420 cheer with dope sales! Stock up on the best cannabis products and 420 essentials to enjoy during the holiday — or for weeks to come. […]

Buds Best: BudCo Farms WA

Buds Brands’ feature this week is none other than the gem of the Northwest US, BudCo Farms cannabis brand from Spokane WA. Established in 2015, BudCo Farms in Washington state has been upholding the “Integrity of the Garden” principle as their guiding light for all products and processes. Quality craft cannabis is the name of […]