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Best Cannabis Strains for the Spring Season

May 9, 2022

After what felt like an extra long winter here in the Pacific Northwest, spring has finally sprung (between the clouds) and we couldn’t be more ready for it with the best cannabis strains for spring season! Spring is a time when the days become longer and the weather becomes warmer. It’s also a time of growth and change. Whether you are planning a seasonal cleaning, starting a new outdoor workout regimen or beginning a new project, it’s time to switch out the stash for some of the best spring weed strains to support your efforts! And Buds Garage carries the recreational weed Everett wants!

Traditionally, people assume that cannabis is used for calming and relaxing effects, but spring weed strains can also boost productivity, improve clarity and support relaxation during the second quarter of the year. With that in mind, stop searching recreational weed stores near me, and let’s explore Buds Garage top picks for spring weed strains and products that put the spring back in your step this season or all year long! 

Best Cannabis Strains for Spring Season

Choosing a seasonal product and strain depends on the person and reason for use. Buds Garage carries recreational weed Everett and Birch Bay residents love all year long, but choosing the perfect strain for the season, occasion, outfit, after dinner — anything — is part of the ritual. Below are flower, tincture, edible and concentrate options to energize, soothe and medicate you after a long winter. 

  1. Miracle Alien Cookies, or MAC, is an evenly balanced hybrid cannabis strain that is said to produce uplifting, happy and creative effects. Miracle Alien Cookies is perfect for hybrid lovers who appreciate both the flavor and the high. This strain boasts the perfect combination of sweet, spicy and aromatic for an easy, breezy spring day.
  2. Chemdawg by From the Soil is an uplifting hybrid strain that’s developed quite the reputation for being highly potent with a heavy cerebral high and distinct aromatics. This strain can promote pain relief and provide anti-anxiety effects that can help you get back out there after a long winter and ongoing COVID concerns.
  3. Ceres Tinctures will put the spring back in your step, and we’re proud to carry two tinctures by Ceres:
    • Ceres Lifted, Sativa 100mg tincture: Formulated with Rhodiola and Ginkgo, this blend stimulates the mind by supporting memory and focus, boosts creativity, and improves overall mood and sense of wellbeing, making it an ideal choice for a springtime home improvement or art project. 
    • Ceres Relief, CBD 250mg tincture: Created from strains chosen for their unique ability to block pain, Ceres Relief is formulated with Horse Chestnut, willow bark, and turmeric. Relief contains a powerful combination of pain relieving ingredients that supports the body’s ability to heal inflammation, sore muscles, aches and pains making it the perfect remedy after a day working in the garden, hiking, or playing tennis. 
  4. Doozies Lemon-Lime Elevate 1:1 Gummies are sure to keep you balanced and happy this Spring. Each gummy is formulated with a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC. Step into the season with these delicious, lemon-lime infused fruit chews by Green Revolution.
  5. Avitas Limonada X Dragon OG Live Resin Cartridge is a tasty and mood-boosting sativa dominant hybrid strain. When consuming Limonada X Dragon OG, you can expect to feel happiness, euphoria, increased focus and amplified energy, making this an ideal spring weed strain.
  6. Fire Bros. Freshman 15 is a unique hybrid concentrate strain offering an uplifting, head and body high for your springtime experience. Blended of 15 different strains, MAC’s Power x Mango Lemonade x Donny Burger x God’s Gift x I-90 x Fugu Cookies x Pre-98 Bubba x The Glove x Guava Gelato Sherb x Crepe Ape x Lime Skunk x PBC x Sour Headstash x Double Dare x Cherry Margarita, this concentrate is sure to please. 

 And there you have the best cannabis strains for spring season, but let’s be honest, all strains are pretty great! Whatever spring weed strain or product you choose, it’s safe to say that after a long winter blanketed by a pandemic, many of us are more excited than ever for the change in weather, mindset and weed!

Recreational Weed Everett & Birch Bay

For more delicious and uplifting spring weed strains, visit a Buds Garage location near you. Buds Garage is a local cannabis dispensary carrying the best recreational weed Everett has seen, with a garage theme offering a wide range of recreational cannabis products. Buds Garage also has a second location in Birch Bay to serve your medicinal and recreational cannabis needs. When visiting Everett or Birch Bay, both Buds locations top the list of recreational weed stores near me. See yourself, and then fuel up!

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