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Best Cannabis Strains for the Spring Season [2023]

After what felt like an extra long winter here in the Pacific Northwest, spring has finally sprung (between the clouds) and we couldn’t be more ready for it with the best cannabis strains for spring season! Spring is a time when the days become longer and the weather becomes warmer. It’s also a time of growth and change. Whether you are planning a seasonal cleaning, starting a new outdoor workout regimen or beginning a new project, it’s time to switch out the stash for some of the best spring weed strains to support your efforts! And Buds Garage carries the recreational weed Everett wants!

Traditionally, people assume that cannabis is used for calming and relaxing effects, but spring weed strains can also boost productivity, improve clarity and support relaxation during the second quarter of the year. With that in mind, stop searching recreational weed stores near me, and let’s explore Buds Garage top picks for spring weed strains and products that put the spring back in your step this season or all year long!

Best Cannabis Strains for Spring Season

Choosing a seasonal product and strain depends on the person and reason for use. Buds Garage carries recreational weed Everett and Birch Bay residents love all year long, but choosing the perfect strain for the season, occasion, outfit, after dinner — anything — is part of the ritual. Below are flower, tincture, edible and concentrate options to energize, soothe and medicate you after a long winter.

  1. Race Fuel by High End Farms is exactly what you need to rev up your engines and or pound the pavement after a long winter. This high-octane hybrid is like a turbo boost for your day, with genetics that mix Neon Gas and Sherb Cake to create a fuel that will get you going. With a gassy and peppery profile that’s sure to wake up your taste buds, Race Fuel’s energetic high will give you the get-up-and-go you need to power through your next adventure. Plus, its predominant terpenes, including Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Limonene, give it a complex and dynamic flavor that’s as refreshing as a spring breeze. Take Race Fuel for a spin this season!
  2. Point Break by Phat Panda is an indica-dominant hybrid that will leave you feeling totally wiped out, but in the best way possible. It’s like catching a wave and riding it all the way to a relaxing shore of munchies and giggles. Just make sure to have some snacks on hand to curb those post-session cravings! And the best part? Point Break’s effects last for hours, giving you the chance to catch some quality z’s and wake up feeling totally refreshed. Point Break is the perfect way to end a long day of spring cleaning or outdoor fun.
  3. Emergen C from Equinox Gardens is an uplifting hybrid strain that starts off with a harsh chemical flavor and finishes with a sweet and citrusy flavor. If you need a boost to get through your spring cleaning list or tackle a creative project, look no further than Emergen C! This well-balanced hybrid is like a vitamin-packed orange juice in bud form, with a deliciously sticky structure and a citrusy scent that will wake up your senses. Not only will Emergen C’s diverse range of terpenes lift your mood and spark your creativity, but it’s also perfect for a productive smoke session that won’t leave you feeling like your couch-locked in the middle of winter. Emergen C is like a burst of sunshine in every puff to help you get back out there after a long winter.
  4. Lemon Drop by Northwest Grown is a sweet, mellow ride and perfect for those seeking a pleasant, giggly sensation that won’t leave them feeling too overwhelmed. Lemon Drop provides a balanced high that leans towards euphoria and focus, with some phenotypes offering a gentle body relaxation that won’t knock you out. As its name suggests, Lemon Drop has a refreshing and zesty taste that will remind you of the popular candy. Imagine a clean, lemony flavor that tingles your taste buds and leaves a sweet, citrusy aftertaste. This strain’s terpene profile is dominated by limonene, which is known for its mood-lifting and stress-relieving effects. So, if you’re looking for a strain that tastes and smells as good as it feels, pucker up with Lemon Drop!
  5. In honor of May the Fourth, you won’t want to miss these Star Wars-inspired strains:
    • Light Saber pre-rolls by Captain Yeti is a pack of two one-gram pre rolls (2g total). A cross between Starfighter and Predator Pink, Light Saber’s potent effects are quick to melt away any mental or physical pain, leaving you feeling blissful and relaxed. With a THC level of 20%, this strain is best enjoyed by experienced cannabis consumers who are looking for a powerful high. Medical marijuana patients have also found relief from symptoms of depression, anxiety and nausea with Light Saber. Its spicy and herbal flavor profile with sweet undertones is perfect for a sunny afternoon picnic or any other springtime activity. So, grab your Light Saber and indulge in some creative endeavors like doodling, writing, or listening to music.
    • Death Star by Equinox Gardens is is a pack of two half-gram pre rolls (1g total) that will take you to a galaxy far, far away. This indica-dominant strain is named for its skunky, sweet jet fuel aroma that’s sure to fill up your nostrils. While it may not have the power to destroy planets, Death Star does pack a powerful punch that can leave you feeling sleepy, relaxed and euphoric. With a high THC content of 19%, Death Star is a great choice for experienced cannabis consumers looking for a heavy-hitting strain. Medical marijuana patients dealing with stress, pain, and anxiety often turn to Death Star. While we can’t promise you’ll feel the power of the dark side or join the Rebel Alliance after smoking Death Star, it’s definitely worth a try for any Star Wars fan looking to explore new galaxies.
  6. Miracle Alien Cookies, or MAC, by Lazy Bee Gardens is an evenly balanced sungrown hybrid cannabis strain that produces uplifting, happy and creative effects. Miracle Alien Cookies is perfect for hybrid lovers who appreciate both the flavor and the high. This strain boasts the perfect combination of sweet, spicy and aromatic for an easy, breezy spring day. Flower is always great, but you will love this sungrown cannabis cart!
  7. Super Lemon Haze cannabis cart by Soulshine is 100% Live Resin and delivers a flavorful and potent experience. This full-spectrum cannabis oil is made from fresh frozen bud. It’s is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. This kief-caked multi-colored wonder will delight your senses with its zesty, citrusy aroma and sweet taste. Super Lemon Haze provides a uniquely energetic and lively high, making it a perfect daytime strain for those looking to be productive and creative.
  8. Ceres tinctures get an honorable mention because they are created from strains chosen for their unique ability to block pain. We carry three Ceres tinctures including the Relief tincture that is formulated with Horse Chestnut, willow bark and turmeric. Relief contains a powerful combination of pain relieving ingredients that supports the body’s ability to heal inflammation, sore muscles, aches and pains making it the perfect remedy after a day working in the garden, hiking, or playing tennis.

And there you have the best cannabis strains for spring season, but let’s be honest, all strains are pretty great! Whatever spring weed strain or product you choose, it’s safe to say that after a long winter blanketed by a pandemic, many of us are more excited than ever for the change in weather, mindset and weed!

Recreational Weed Everett & Birch Bay

For more delicious and uplifting spring weed strains, visit a Buds Garage location near you. Buds Garage is a local cannabis dispensary carrying the best recreational weed Everett has seen, with a garage theme offering a wide range of recreational cannabis products. Buds Garage also has a second dispensary in Birch Bay to serve your medicinal and recreational cannabis needs. When visiting Everett or Birch Bay, both Buds locations top the list of recreational weed stores near me. See yourself, and then fuel up!

Every spring we update this blog with the newest and longtime favorite spring cannabis strains and products. Comment below with your favorites!