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Here’s Why Buds is the Best Weed Dispensary Near You!

Ever since Washington legalized cannabis for medical and recreational use, the saturation of bud shops in Everett can make anyone dazed and confused. Does your search engine history include “best weed dispensary near me,” “weed store near me,” “closest marijuana dispensary near me” or “marijuana store near me”?

We get it — it’s exciting to live in a time and place where you can have that instant gratification of typing “marijuana shops near me” into your navigation app while thinking “Wow, I can walk into any bud store near me and come out with some great stuff!” You’ll get exactly what you asked for, a never-ending list of dispensaries. But wouldn’t your time be better spent knowing where to go every time? Knowing that every product in stock is top quality, at affordable prices and experienced professional staff is there to help you out?

If you’re thinking that’s exactly what I want from bud shops near me, then search no further! Head to Buds Garage, where we offer up top-notch cannabis in the Everett and Birch Bay areas, and we’re happy to serve you.

Get Weed at a Bud Shop Near Me

You need a store that understands all weed is not the same, just like all customers’ needs are not the same. It’s our mission to give everyone who walks in our door a world-class treatment with guidance from educated staff, accessible price points and availability of great products.

Every product Buds Garage carries has to pass rigorous testing standards to make it onto our shelves. These offerings from a weed store near you are sourced directly from specially chosen local farms, which means that you’re not only getting super premium strains; you’re getting them from farms that utilize sustainable and eco-friendly practices. We think that’s important. We know that you care about what you put into your body — and we do, too.

The Best Service at a Prime Weed Store Near Me

“How can I know which premium, locally sourced cannabis products are the best choices at the bud store near me?”

We’re glad you asked. The truth is that everybody’s body responds to cannabis differently. Everybody has different needs. So depending on why you decided to head over to the dispensary, certain products or strains might be a better choice for you than others. Our experienced team is here to help you figure out exactly which products and strains those are by answering your questions and explaining different options.

Our mission is to make every interaction an exceptional one, full of kindness and respect, and to make sure that you leave with the perfect product for your needs. You expect a certain level of expertise, product quality, and customer service — and Buds Garage makes sure you receive it.

Great Rewards at the Closest Marijuana Dispensary Near Me

Instead of searching for “Bud near me,” look for Buds near me — because Buds, aka Buds Garage, offers up the best bang for your buck, no comparison. Sure, other dispensaries may offer cheaper prices, but do they carry what you deserve to get for your hard-earned money? Just like purchasing the most expensive product is not an automatic guarantee of quality, buying the least pricey likely won’t give you the experience and effects you are looking for.

We offer a program that rewards you for loyalty: every dollar spent adds up to discounts on future purchases. Buyers aged 65 and older get additional discounts as well.

The Best Weed at a Bud Shop Near Me

Green rules everything around us at Buds Garage, and we know how important it is to get that founding principle right. We take cannabis seriously here, and we’re proud to only serve products from brands that utilize clean, sanitary processes throughout each stage of the bud’s life. From grow to harvest and trimming to curing and packaging, we source the purest natural products from brands we respect, so you can rest easy knowing we’re looking out for you.

Some of our customers’ favorites are the potent and flavorful Hellavated Juicy Stickz pre-rolls with natural botanical terpenes and pure kief; the Micro Bar disposable vapes with 1000mg THC; flower from Artizen served in bud-preserving reusable airtight glass jars; Forbidden Farms Nugs of Gold extracts with premium BHO encased in grade-A keif; and the vegan, gluten-free, kosher-friendly edibles from Double Delicious, individually packed for added convenience. Still with us? We’re sure you’re no longer wondering where the “best marijuana shops near me” are anymore.

The Best Weed Dispensary Near Me

Head on over to the best cannabis store in Everett and Birch Bay to experience the difference, and keep reading to get a feel for what makes Buds Garage stand out from the rest.

Next time you’re thinking about “Bud near me,” you’ll know Buds Garage Everett and Buds Garage Birch Bay are your go-to for one-stop cannabis shopping. If you’re looking for more proof that Buds is “the best marijuana store near me,” check out our testimonials to see what the rest of the neighborhood has to say. Consider your search for the “best bud shop near me” over, because Buds has what you need, every time.

This article was originally published Jan. 10, 2022. It was updated Sept. 25, 2023.