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Buds Guide to Cannabis Cartridge Types

Vapes are a popular choice for cannabis consumption among users everywhere as they are sleek, compact, discreet and convenient, to name just a few benefits. Cartridges are small pre-filled cannabis oil containers that attach to a battery or vape pen that heats the product, allowing users to instantly inhale its vapors. There are many different types of carts available on the market today, and you already know the best cartridges in Washington are here at Buds Garage Everett. To help you choose your next cannabis cartridges, we’re going to break down the best vape carts for any user and any occasion.

Different Types of Carts

There is an array of weed cartridges out there to try, each of which appeals to specific needs, experiential wants or simply curious desires. Below are the main types of cannabis oil cartridges on the market these days and their differences, which may affect which one you choose.


Distillate is a highly refined form of cannabis oil that has gone through a process that involves extracting and purifying cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds from the cannabis plant. Impurities such as plant matter, fats and waxes are removed, resulting in a highly concentrated form of cannabinoids with high levels of THC. This is why distillate vapes are known for their high potency and are a common choice for users who are looking for a vape that packs a punch.

Be on the lookout for 5th House Farms, Buddies Brand, Double Delicious and Rochester Farms distillate cartridges at Buds Garage Everett.

Live Resin

A true product of their namesake, these cannabis cartridges contain cannabis oil derived from live resin, which is a concentrate produced from freshly chopped cannabis plants that have been flash-frozen immediately after harvest. Since this form of oil undergoes a minimal processing technique, the plant’s terpenes and other cannabinoid compounds are well-preserved, resulting in not only a highly aromatic and flavorful extract, but one that captures a wider spectrum of mental and physical effects that users love!

Some of our favorite live resin cartridges at Buds Garage Everett are Avitas, BudCo, Dabstract, Full Spec and Soul Shine.

Full Spectrum

Debated as some of the best vape carts around, full spectrum cartridges contain a cannabis oil that is derived from the whole plant: flower and leaves included. Designed with the preservation of naturally present cannabinoids and terpenes in mind, these cartridges are known for being highly aromatic with distinct flavors while offering a fully synergetic experience known as the “Entourage Effect.”

When a full spectrum of cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBG, CBC, etc.) is present, the compounds interact symbiotically to create a variety of effects that are popular among users looking for the fullest high possible, making them an excellent choice for consumers wanting therapeutic benefits. Likewise, many full spectrum vapes carry different compositions of these cannabinoids, enabling them to cover more of the market’s demands for a variety of users who may prefer higher CBD levels, for example. MFUSED is our most popular brand carrying full spectrum weed cartridges, and we currently have six of their delicious flavors in stock at Buds Garage Everett.


Rosin is a kind of cannabis concentrate that goes through a solventless extraction method involving the application of intense heat and heavy pressure to the flower, kief or hash, literally pushing out a concentrated goop of weedy goodness. For users who prefer this process, as it does not utilize chemical solvents like butane or CO2, these types of cannabis cartridges are a great choice. Rosin carts also retain a large array of cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant, giving the end product a pure, clean flavor and aroma that many have come to hold near and dear. Check out Select Cannabis Company rosin weed cartridges at Buds Garage Everett to see what all the hullabaloo is about!

Get the Best Cartridges in Washington

Cartridges have come a long way in recent years, and when faced with the many cases of faulty pesticide-infected carts on the black market, the cannabis industry has stepped up and ensured a higher standard of safety and quality for their products. It’s important to know where the best vape carts can be found, and we understand that there are many different types of carts to choose from. Make the hunt easy for yourself and come on down to Buds Garage Everett, where we carry only the best brands around, all of which test their oils before production so you can trust you’re getting the cleanest high possible.