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Celebrate with Buds on 420

We’re geared up for 420 here at Buds Garage, and we’re rolling out some major 420 specials! We’ve been thinking about everything 420 all month long with daily 420 weed deals and exclusive brand offers up to 50% off. But we’re not pumping the breaks yet! On April 20, get 20% off the entire store! Get everything for 420 that you could possibly need and take the opportunity to stock up. These 420 specials are worth the drive, so make plans now to swing by the garage before the day is over!

Everything 420!

No matter your preference — dabs, flower, infused pre-rolls, edibles, carts and more — Buds Garage has you covered. Are you in Everett, Marysville, Lake Stevens, Arlington? Trust us when we say it’s worth going the extra mile to visit Buds. Stop searching “420 deals near me,” and take a direct route to Buds Garage. We’re conveniently located off US 2 and I-5 with ample parking, neighbor!

One of our favorite ways to celebrate everything 420 is with pre-rolls! They are convenient, they travel well, they can be enjoyed together or alone, all at once or during multiple sessions, in the great outdoors or a comfy couch. Are you convinced yet?! Check out some of our latest offerings and pre-order online now for same-day pickup at your convenience!

Happy Daze United

Try some stellar pre-roll two-packs from our buds at Happy Daze United. They are producing some of Seattle’s finest flower, and it is stocked and ready for your 420 purchase. Available strains include Gorilla Cookies, Gelato Sundae, Blue Cookies, Punch Cake, Runtz Muffin and Slurricane. Two-packs are fun and perfectly sharable on a 420 date night or group hang. If you’re looking for a hard-hitter, try Gorilla Cookies a cross between GG#4 and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Pungent and powerful.

Sky High Gardens

They’re slogan “A cloud above” aptly describes the premier, small-batch craft cannabis cultivated by Sky High Gardens. If you’re looking for some top-notch pre-rolls for your crew’s 420 smoke sesh, grab a 5-pack of pre-rolls from Sky High Gardens. Blue Dream (Blueberry x Haze) is a classic, but few have perfected the strain like Sky High Gardens. Lift above the clouds with this euphoric, energy-forward strain and enjoy the ride. For a deep, cerebral experience, try the indica-powerhouse Animal Crackers (Animal Cookies x The White).

Royal Tree Gardens

Maybe you prefer to roll your own joints, or get your favorite glass out to honor the special occasion — whatever you prefer, Royal Tree Gardens has got prime sticky icky 420 buds. They’ve been growing in Tacoma since 2014, and they’re proud of their high-quality flower. Grab an eighth of Fruity Mac or Jungle Cookies — with a high that tends to be heavy, potent, and euphoric, or if it’s just a low-key solo celebration, grab a gram of Twinkiez.

420 Weed Deals

If pre-rolls aren’t the 420 deals near me that you had in mind, shop our wide variety of cannabis products to suit any need:

  • Cruise our concentrates selection of Washington’s favorite brands like Avitas, Big Rig, Buddies, Canna Organix, DNA Gardens, Desert Dabs and Dog House.
  • We’ve got a wide array, including live resin, sugar, wax, crystalline, shatter, budder, crumble, diamond sauce, kief and more for all of your dabbing needs.
  • If you’re into edibles, we’ve got a large variety from brands like Evergreen Herbal, Cerez, Cosmic Candy, Green Revolution, Junes, Smokiez and NWCS.
  • Looking for something different? Take home a tincture or a topical.

Don’t risk stalling out at another dispensary. There is no shortage of affordable 420 weed deals at Buds Garage Everett! Get 20% off the entire store starting at 8am until 11:45pm on Wednesday, April 20! See you on 420 for the best 420 specials in town!